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Ukraine Intl Airlinesoutbound: 26-Aug-2019
1 stop (9h35m)
Ukraine Intl Airlines
Ukraine Intl Airlinesreturn: 05-Sep-2019
1 stop (8h)
Ukraine Intl Airlines
Pegasus Airlinesoutbound: 11-Sep-2019
1 stop (19h45m)
Pegasus Airlines
Pegasus Airlinesreturn: 11-Oct-2019
1 stop (10h)
Pegasus Airlines
LOT Polish Airlinesoutbound: 25-Dec-2019
1 stop (14h35m)
LOT Polish Airlines
LOT Polish Airlinesreturn: 10-Jan-2020
1 stop (7h45m)
LOT Polish Airlines
Pegasus Airlinesoutbound: 14-Oct-2019
1 stop (11h40m)
Pegasus Airlines
Pegasus Airlinesreturn: 21-Oct-2019
1 stop (10h25m)
Pegasus Airlines
KLMoutbound: 07-Mar-2020
1 stop (7h35m)
KLMreturn: 14-Mar-2020
1 stop (30h05m)
Turkish Airlinesoutbound: 25-Aug-2019
1 stop (7h35m)
Turkish Airlines
Pegasus Airlinesreturn: 06-Sep-2019
1 stop (22h55m)
Pegasus Airlines

Georgia: ski slopes and Black Sea beaches

Flights to Georgia: practical information

Cheap airlines to Georgia

Heading to Georgia to discover the Caucasus? Start your trip planning with cheap flights to Tbilisi Novo Alexeyevka Airport (TBS). There are several airlines with cheap flights to Georgia like Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Belavia, KLM and Georgian Airways.

When to book flights to Georgia

It’s important to take climate into consideration when planning your holiday in Georgia. The Black Sea Coast is best in summer but the Caucasus Mountains are ideal in winter. Spring and autumn tend to be quite rainy. Book your flights to Georgia at least 4-5 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer and winter, depending on your trip itinerary.
  • Low season: Spring and autumn, due to the rain.

Flight duration

Flights to Georgia take at least 7 hours with a stopover from London.

Experience Georgia: what to see, what to do

Georgia is a totally unique destination with two very different attractions: the mountains for ski holidays and a beautiful sandy coast along the Black Sea, which is perfect in summer. Add to the mix a handful of charming historic towns and you’ve got the perfect trip.

Essentials in Georgia

Tbilisi: The Georgian capital is a beautiful city on the banks of the Mtkvari River. It’s overflowing with interesting museums, galleries and churches. Don’t miss the old town for its tiny winding streets and old-style balconies.

Bakuriani: If you’re off on a ski holiday, head to Bakuriani’s ski slopes. The city once made a bid to host the Winter Olympics. It’s an easy drive with a Georgia car hire from Tbilisi towards the south of the country.

Uplistsikhe: For a dose of history, check out this 3,600-year-old Silk Road cave city. It’s definitely something that will impress and was also, many, many years ago a centre for the Caucasian pagan religion.

Find more information on Explore Georgia.

Accommodation in Georgia

You can find Western hotels not only in Tbilisi but also in Batumi and a number of other Georgian cities. In the countryside the best option, and by far the most interesting, is to stay in a local home. Hotels tend to be overpriced as tourism is only starting to take off in the country.

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