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Goa guide: how to get there, what to see

Goa city centre
Dabolim Airport (GOI): 8 mi from city centre

Flights to Goa: practical information

Cheap airlines to Goa

Most international Goa airline tickets make a stopover in Mumbai before heading onwards to Goa's Dabolim Airport (GOI). Few airlines fly direct from international destinations before at least one stopover in India. There are no low cost airlines flying to Goa but you can find reasonable last minute plane tickets to Goa with charters.

When to book cheap flights to Goa

Weather plays a main role in deciding when is the best time to book cheap Goa tickets from London. Because of its proximity to the Arabian Sea, Goa stays humid the majority of the year.

  • Peak season: December and January.
  • Low season: Monsoon season and summer.

Flight duration

Flights to Goa take at least 12h with one stopover from London.

Experience Goa: what to do, what to see

Goa is nothing short of paradise with its swaying palms, white sand beaches and clear waters. It's no wonder two million people choose holidays in Goa every year.

Essentials in Goa

Old Goa: This city once had a population that rivalled London and Lisbon. Today, it's in ruins mostly due to the Inquisition and a major epidemic. What's left to see? Asia's biggest cathedral, archaeological ruins and more.

Mandrem Beach: Of all the beaches, this one is most known for its rustic charm. It's surrounded by caju plantations and while still a quiet getaway, it won't stay this way forever as long as tourism in Goa continues to boom.

Dudhsagar Falls: One of India's largest waterfall can be found just on the boarder with Karnataka, 60km from Panaji. It's especially impressive after the monsoon season when literally tonnes of water fall more than 300m. It's the perfect road trip with your Goa car hire

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Accommodations in Goa

The key to finding great hotels in Goa is to book in advance. As soon as tourist season rolls around, Goa's population triples in size. During the monsoon season (from June until October), prices drop by about half and many Indian travellers from the north come to Goa for their holidays. If amenities are key to your comfort, always check what hotels are offering before booking.

Goa, Goa MarketplaceGoa, Goa BeachGoa, Dudhsagar Falls

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