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Gothenburg: Stockholm's little sister

Distance from Gothenburg city centre
6 mi
12 mi

Flights to Gothenburg: practical information

Cheap airlines to Gothenburg

Bound for Sweden? Touch down in Scandinavia with flights to Gothenburg. Landvetter Airport (GOT) is the city's main airport, welcoming British Airway, Lufthansa, SAS and Norwegian Air flights. If it's cheap flights to Gothenburg you're after, better to search for flights to Gothenburg City Airport (GSE) where Ryanair lands.

When to book flights to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is certainly a city that can be enjoyed year-round but summer is without a doubt the most lively season. City cafes and bars spill out onto the streets, patios and terraces open, it's all good fun. Book your flights 3-4 months before you plan to travel.

  • Peak season: June to August, Christmas holidays.
  • Low season: Generally winter, January to March.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Gothenburg take 2 hours from London.

Experience Gothenburg: what to see, what to do

Gothenburg sits right on the beautiful western coast of Sweden, on the river Göta. It's most famous feature? Its friendly locals of course! With 60,000+ students, this city is buzzing day and night during term time, a great time to plan a holiday in Gothenburg.

Essentials in Gothenburg

Skansen Kronan: Crown Keep in English, this 17th century fort sits on top of the hill overlooking the city centre. Nearby you'll find Haga, a historic neighbourhood with pretty wooden houses from the 19th century. A must to visit while in Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Art Museum: If it's a peek into the city's art scene you're after, this museum is a good place to start. It has one of the most remarkable collections of Nordic art. For contemporary art, head next door to the Art Hall which is free to visit.

Slottsskogen: On a sunny day there's no place to be except in this big English garden. Pack a lunch and roll out your picnic blanket. The gardens have over 60 types of Azalea that bloom all summer long. It's quite magical.

Find more information on Gothenburg Tourism.

Accommodations in Gothenburg

Bring primarily a student town, Gothenburg has a host of budget and cheap hotel options. Backpackers hostels abound but you'll be most comfortable in one of the city's chic mid-range hotels. In summer, it's advisable to book your hotels in Gothenburg well-early.

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