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Greenland: the land of huskies, ice and snow

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Cheap airlines to Greenland

Heading to the beautiful Nordic country of Greenland? Catch cheap flights to Greenland and touch down at Kangerlussuaq (SFJ) or Narsarsuaq (UAK). You can catch flights to the capital, Nuuk (GOH) in the summertime. Only two airlines offer flights to Greenland: Air Greenland and Air Iceland.

When to book flights to Greenland

84% of Greenland is covered in ice and winter can be terribly cold. In the summer months the southern coasts thaw and the area is lusciously green. Book your flights as early as possible for the cheapest fares to Greenland.

  • Peak season: Summer, July to August.
  • Low season: Winter; very few flights operate at this time of year.

Flight duration

Flights to Greenland take around 20 hours from London with at least 2 stopovers.

Experience Greenland: what to see, what to do

Greenland is an expensive choice but you won’t be disappointed by the hospitality of the locals, the humbling landscapes and the Viking legends of the land. From fjords to geysers, national parks and humpback whales… here’s a taste of what awaits in Greenland.

Essentials in Greenland

Illulissat Icefjord: You can reckon that there’s a lot of ice and snow to see in Greenland but the icebergs in Illulissat Icefjord are simply remarkable. The giant chunks of ice are as humbling as mountains. This is a must while on holidays in Greenland.

Whales: Greenland is an incredible place to go whale-watching. There are around 20 different species of whales moving around the sea off the coast of Greenland from humpbacks to mink, bowhead, blue and sperm whales.

Midnight Sun: When the summer months arrive in Greenland, 2/3 of the country basks in sunshine for days, even weeks without seeing the sun set below the horizon. Don’t miss the summer solstice on June 21st, also a national holiday.

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Accommodation in Greenland

Hotels in Greenland tend to be on the expensive side and you’ll find the usual international hotel brands in the more popular areas of the country. There are even hotels that have rooms available in traditional igloos! Hostels in Greenland are spare rooms in local homes that are rented out to tourists. Contact the local tourism board for more information.

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