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Havana: Cuba's enchanting capital

Distance from Havana city centre
9 mi
13 mi

Flights to Havana: practical information

Cheap airlines to Havana

Is Cuba calling your name? Start planning your holiday in Havana with chela flights to the capital's main airport, Jose Marti International Airport (HAV). Most visitors will arrive at Terminal 3 before being put through very strict customs officials. Search for cheap flights to Havana onboard Condor, KLM, Air France, Air Europa and Virgin Atlantic.

When to book flights to Havana

Havana enjoys some glorious weather that is warm all year round. Even during winter the waters around Cuba stay warm enough for swimming. Tourism has only one season in Havana: peak season with hotels book solid 12 months of the year. Flights to Havana should be booked at least 5-6 months in advance.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Havana take just over 10 hours from London.

Experience Havana: what to see, what to do

Havana has so much to offer, from old historic churches from ages past to its old fashioned American cars, cigars, rum, beaches and cuisine. Don't miss a tour of a cigar factory, touring a castle and walking along the Prado.

Essentials in Havana

Cigars: If cigars interest you then it's essential to tour the Partagas cigar factory located right behind the Capitol Building. You can buy authentic cigars directly from the factory to bring home as souvenirs.

Plaza de Armas: If it's colonial Cuba you're after, you can't get any more Baroque than this square in the city centre. Surrounded by historic houses and buildings, originally laid out in the 1600s, the square was a favourite meeting place for the city's rich and famous.

La Habana Vieja: Havana's old town is not to be missed. It holds UNESCO World Heritage status and many of the buildings here have been restored to their original glory. Many are crumbling but the city hopes to restore the entire area.

Find more information on Go Cuba.

Accommodations in Havana

There are three main hotel areas in Havana. The first is Old Havana where many tourists stay although hotels tend to be small. Vedado offers the nicest hotels in Havana as the neighbourhood is quiet and very green. Central Havana also has many hotels although not always the nicest quality. Before booking make sure your hotel offers hot water.

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