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Emiratesoutbound: 23-Jul-2020
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Emiratesreturn: 04-Aug-2020
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Qatar Airways
Royal Jordanianreturn: 04-Aug-2020
1 stop (12h05m)
Royal Jordanian

Mini guide: Cheap flights to Jordan, tourism and travel info

Flights to Jordan: practical information

Cheap airlines to Jordan

Planning a holiday in incredible Jordan? From Petra to the Dead Sea, search for the cheapest flights to Jordan onboard easyJet, the only low cost airlines flying London - Amman. British Airways, Air France, Emirates and Turkish Airlines also offer cheap flights to Jordan's Queen Alia International Airport (AMM).

When to book flights to Jordan

There's hardly a bad time to plan a trip to Jordan but summers can be unbearably hot and winters, rainy. Find cheap flights to Jordan 4-5 months before your trip and best to avoid Ramadan.

  • Peak season: Spring and autumn when the weather is cooler.
  • Low season: Summer due to the heat and winter due to the rain.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Jodan take 5 hours 30 minutes from London to Amman.

Experience Jordan: what to see, what to do

From Jordan's ancient sites like Petra and Jarash to the sunning coast of the Dead Sea, there is more than enough to explore and discover while in Jordan. Don't miss the chance to explore Jordan's landscapes, even the desert!

Essentials in Jordan

Petra: This is the country's most famous attraction, thanks to Indiana Jones. The beautiful ancient city carved out of sandstone is a must and can only be accessed on foot or on camel. For the best experience, hire a guide.

Dead Sea: The Dead Sea is a perfect day trip with a car hire in Jordan if you're staying in Amman. There is nothing like the sensation of swimming in this salty sea while floating on the surface!

Desert Castles: Take a trip to the desert to discover these five castles in the Easter Desrt which were once getaway locations for Kaliffs form the Omayyad Period.

Find more information on Visit Jordan.

Accommodations in Jordan

Amman has the most selection when it comes to hotels in Jordan, with something in every budget. Be aware that Western-standard 5* hotels will come at a top price while local 5* hotels will be much cheaper but comparable for a Western 3*. In peak season it's essential to book your hotels in advance.

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