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Kazakhstan: from the mountains to the sea

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Central Asia awaits and Kazakhstan is a gorgeous destination to discover. Start planning your holiday in Kazakhstan with cheap flights to the Kazakh capital, Astana. Air Astana offers cheap flights to Kazakhstan from London. It’s also possible to touch down at Almaty International Airport (ALA).

When to book flights to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan enjoys very hot summers and very cold winters. You can travel to Kazakhstan any time of the year but the best months for visiting are from May to September. For trekking, July-September are ideal. Book your flights to Kazakhstan at least 6 months in advance.

  • Peak season: July through to September.
  • Low season: November to March.

Flight duration

Flights to Kazakhstan take 13 hours with stopovers from London.

Experience Kazakhstan: what to see, what to do

Kazakhstan is often overlooked by travellers heading east but it shouldn’t be. This mammoth of a country has some amazing landscapes and cultural treasures to be discovered. From Almaty to the Kazakh Mountains, along the ancient Silk Road and over to the beaches on the Caspian Sea.

Essentials in Kazakhstan

Almaty: Almaty was the Kazakh capital before December 1998 when the honour moved to Astana. The city is built in a Soviet-style with some astonishingly modern skyscrapers too. It’s a city of contrasts that should definitely be checked out.

Altai Mountains: If you want a taste of isolation while you’re in Kazakhstan, take a trip to the beautiful alpine Altai Mountains in the eastern part of the country. Remote wild lands and beautiful clear lakes abound.

Turkestan: For a dash of history, visit Turkestan. This ancient city is on the border between the Persian culture to the south and the Turkic culture to the north. There are several important historic monuments here.

Find more information on Visit Kazakhstan.

Accommodation in Kazakhstan

You can find just about any type of hotel in Kazakhstan from luxurious suites to modest double rooms for hardly £10 a night. Almaty and Astana have the best selection when it comes to hotels but remember to book ahead when travelling in peak tourist season.

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