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Libya: Roman ruins, beaches and theatres

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Heading to Libya? Start planning your adventure to Northern Africa with cheap flights to Libya's main airport, Tripoli International Airport (TIP). Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways, British Airways, Alitalia and Turkish Airlines all service flights to Libya from the UK.

When to book flights to Libya

90% of Libya is desert but the country still enjoys a very pleasant Mediterranean climate around the coast. Summers are warm and winters are very mild. In the Sahara Desert summers are very, very hot.

  • Peak season: Summer is idea for beaches.
  • Low season: Winter, although it's best to visit the Sahara at this time.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Libya take 3 hours 45 minutes from London.

Experience Libya: what to see, what to do

Despite being in the middle of a civil war, Libya remains a country of intrigue for many travellers. From its coastal cities along the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Sidra to the huge and beautiful Sahara desert, from the Roman ruins to the modern monuments, here's a taste of what Libya has in store.

Essentials in Libya

Leptis Magna: There are few places the Roman's didn't go and Libya is home to some of the most impressive ruins in Africa. The ruins are located just an hour's drive from Tripoli with a Libya car hire. The amphitheatre is simply amazing.

Ghadamis: This is one of the hottest cities in the world so it's no wonder the city is a giant engineering feat to produce natural air conditioning. The positioning of the buildings has no been left to chance.

Cyrene: Libya was also inhabited by the Greeks and the ancient city of Cyrene was one of their colonies. It's an UNESCO World Heritage Sight and well worth the effort to see it.

Accommodations in Libya

In most cities you'll find a wide range of hotels and hostels. Tripoli has the most selection with a number of international hotel brads present there. If you visit a small city or town, it's not uncommon for local Libyans to invite foreigners into their homes for tea!

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