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outbound: 23-Jan-2019
1 stop (26h05m)
Turkish Airlines
return: 30-Jan-2019
1 stop (6h50m)
Turkish Airlines
outbound: 24-Jul-2018
1 stop (16h05m)
Pegasus Airlines
return: 04-Aug-2018
direct (3h20m)
Wizz Air
outbound: 21-Jan-2019
1 stop (21h40m)
Austrian Airlines
return: 28-Jan-2019
1 stop (8h30m)
Austrian Airlines
outbound: 25-Jul-2018
direct (3h15m)
Wizz Air
return: 01-Aug-2018
direct (3h20m)
Wizz Air
outbound: 25-Jul-2018
2 stops (16h15m)
return: 01-Aug-2018
1 stop (4h50m)
Austrian Airlines
outbound: 25-Jul-2018
2 stops (16h25m)
return: 01-Aug-2018
2 stops (11h10m)
outbound: 15-Jan-2019
1 stop (7h40m)
Turkish Airlines
return: 22-Jan-2019
1 stop (7h45m)
Turkish Airlines

Macedonia: Europe's undiscovered treasure

Flights to Macedonia: practical information

Cheap airlines to Macedonia

Ready for your Balkan adventure? Start planning your holiday in Macedonia with cheap flights to Macedonia’s capital, Skopje. Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) welcomes the most international flights. From London, fly low cost onboard Wizz Air. Tyrolean Airways, Austrian Airlines and Turkish Airlines also operate the route.

When to book flights to Macedonia

Macedonia enjoys warm, dry summers and rather mild winters. The best time of the year to visit is late spring and early autumn when days are hot but not scorching. Book your flights 3 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, May-September.
  • Low season: Winter is less popular.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Macedonia take 3 hours 15 minutes from London.

Experience Macedonia: what to see, what to do

Macedonia is one of Europe’s hidden treasures. It has all the usual Western amenities for tourists but its big tourism wave is yet to hit so there’s plenty still to discover without the crowds.

Essentials in Macedonia

Skopje: The nation’s capital is full of historic monuments, museums, landmarks and galleries. Stone Bridge is one of the city’s most popular attractions, built in the 6th century.

Ohrid: Ochrid is the jewel in Macedonia’s crown. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled on the shore of the most beautiful lake and surrounded by mountains.

Bitola: As Macedonia’s most European city, Bitola is a treat. You’ll find it all from ancient old town to lovely shopping along wide promenades. The nightlife is also great.

Find more information on Exploring Macedonia.

Accommodation in Macedonia

Ohrid is Macedonia’s biggest tourism town so hotels tend to be more expensive here and also need to be booked early if you plan to visit in the summer months. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, try searching for a hotel in Struga.

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