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Air Franceoutbound: 06-Sep-2021
1 stop (18h10m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: 20-Sep-2021
1 stop (23h35m)
Air France
KLMoutbound: 04-Oct-2021
1 stop (24h50m)
KLMreturn: 10-Oct-2021
1 stop (26h25m)
Emiratesoutbound: 07-Feb-2022
1 stop (18h15m)
Emiratesreturn: 13-Feb-2022
1 stop (26h05m)
Etihad Airwaysoutbound: 26-Apr-2021
1 stop (23h40m)
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airwaysreturn: 02-May-2021
2 stops (23h55m)
Etihad Airways
Lufthansaoutbound: 26-Apr-2021
2 stops (47h55m)
Singapore Airlinesreturn: 02-May-2021
1 stop (22h)
Singapore Airlines
Qatar Airwaysoutbound: 08-Nov-2021
1 stop (23h)
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airwaysreturn: 14-Nov-2021
1 stop (21h30m)
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlinesoutbound: 24-Sep-2021
1 stop (12h20m)
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlinesreturn: 01-Oct-2021
1 stop (7h40m)
Singapore Airlines
KLMoutbound: 17-Jan-2022
1 stop (23h45m)
KLMreturn: 31-Jan-2022
1 stop (20h05m)
British Airwaysoutbound: 17-Jan-2022
1 stop (18h05m)
British Airways
Qatar Airwaysreturn: 31-Jan-2022
1 stop (18h35m)
Qatar Airways
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Manila guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Manila city centre
6 mi
7 mi

Flights to Manila: practical information

Cheap airlines to Manila

This city is a great place to spend a holiday! The first thing to do to plan a trip to the Philippines is to find cheap flights to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) or Manila International Airport year-round.

When to book flights to Manila

If you're looking for an exotic and new destination, spend your holidays in Manila. With annual average temperatures at 27°C, how can you say no? When planning your flights to Manila, keep in mind that rainy season lasts from June to October and while the flights are cheapest this time of the year, the weather is absolutely miserable.

  • Peak season: May, June, September and October.
  • Low season: Between December and February the temperature drops considerably but still remain above 20°C.

Flight duration

Flights to Manila with one stopover take as little as 16 hours and 30 minutes from London.

Experience Manila: what to see, what to do

Manila is an interesting city in that it is made up of several towns that eventually just grew into each other. Chinatown, the university district, the historical centre... Manila is the multi-cultural hub of the Philippines that is just waiting to be discovered!

Essentials in Manila

San Augustin: As you can imagine, there is a lot of history in Manila. San Augustin is an UNESCO World Heritage Sight and is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was built between 1587 and 1607 out of stone.

Fort Santiago: This place is a true witness to the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines. Santiago used to be a prison and barracks during the Spanish colonial times but today the beautiful buildings house a museum.

Parks: Parks and landmarks are what fill the average tourist's day. Rizal Park is also known as Luneta, located outside the walled city. It's filled with cool museums, bay-side restaurants and even has an open-air theatre. For quiet and wilderness head to Arroceros Forest Park with a Manila car hire, located behind the Metropolitan Theatre.

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Accommodations in Manila

Manila has no shortage of accommodation choices. Luxury hotels, budget backpacker hostels, traditional boarding houses and modest hotels… The Filipino capital offers visitors choices in every category and Manila hotels at every price range. Consider booking your hotels at least 3 months in advance.

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