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Smartwingsoutbound: 16-Nov-2020
1 stop (4h25m)
Smartwingsreturn: 23-Nov-2020
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Wizz Airoutbound: 11-Sep-2020
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Wizz Air
easyJetreturn: 14-Sep-2020
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KLMoutbound: 06-Sep-2020
direct (1h35m)
KLMreturn: 13-Sep-2020
direct (1h25m)
easyJetoutbound: 16-Dec-2020
direct (1h25m)
easyJetreturn: 23-Dec-2020
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Ryanairoutbound: 17-Sep-2020
1 stop (6h30m)
easyJetreturn: 20-Sep-2020
direct (1h15m)
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Holland: windmills, tulips and coffee shops

Flights to Netherlands: practical information

Cheap airlines to Netherlands

Going Dutch for your next holiday? Start planning your trip to the Netherlands with cheap flights to Amsterdam. Schiphol Airport (AMS) is the most popular airport in Holland and welcomes flights from all corners of the UK. Catch cheap tickets to the Netherlands onboard British Airways, easyJet, FLybe, SAS, KLM, among others.

When to book flights to Netherlands

Summers are cool and winters are mild in the Netherlands so there’s really no bad time to plan a holiday in Holland. The best months to visit however are from May to September. Book your flights to the Netherlands at least 3 months in advance.

  • Peak season: May-September, plus New Year’s Eve.
  • Low season: Winter.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Amsterdam take 1 hour from London.

Experience Netherlands: what to see, what to do

There’s more to see and do in the Netherlands than just Amsterdam so when you’re planning your trip add cities like The Hague where the International Court of Justice is located, Delft for its beautiful wooden windmills and Keukenhof where the tulips are best enjoyed in March, to your itinerary!

Essentials in Netherlands

Amsterdam: If you’ve never been then spend at least a few days exploring Amsterdam’s canals, riding a bike around the city centre, hopping from museum to museum. The city’s liberal attitude is certainly contagious!

Delft: This historic town is world famous for its windmills and blue and white ceramics. Delft is a great alternative to Amsterdam if you’re after “Old Holland” charm.

Keukenhof: Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden and is only open to the public from March to May. It’s the best place to see the tulips that Holland is so famous for. Make sure you book your visiting ticket online and in advance to avoid disappointment!

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Accommodation in Netherlands

There are so many hotels in the Netherlands for visitors, and plenty of variety too! Prices tend to fluctuate depending on demand, especially in Amsterdam so book early if you know you’re visiting during peak season. B&Bs are very popular and tend to be friendlier and more personal than hotels.

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