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Nimes: top pick for Roman ruins

Nimes city centre
Nîmes-Alès-Camargue-Cévennes Airport (FNI): 7 mi from city centre

Flights to Nimes: practical information

Cheap airlines to Nimes

Heading to the south of France? Plan a trip to beautiful Nimes! Start your trip with cheap flights to Nimes-Garons Airport (FNI) onboard low cost airlines. Ryanair offers the cheapest flights to Nimes from London Luton. Ryanair also flies from Liverpool.

When to book flights to Nimes

Nimes is most popular during the summertime when many flock to France's south for warm weather, sun and of course a good dose of history. Book your flights to Nimes at least a few months before you plan to travel.

  • Peak season: Summer months, June through August.
  • Low season: Winter is generally quiet, but the cheapest time to plan a holiday in Nimes.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Nimes take just under 2 hours from London.

Experience Nimes: what to see, what to do

Nimes is famous for its Roman architecture, some of the finest outside of Rome. The Coliseum, Maison Carré and more to discover while visiting Nimes. If you have a car hire in Nimes, why not take a trip out of the city to see the famous 25km aqueduct, Pont du Gard?

Essentials in Nimes

Les Arenes: The city's Roman Coliseum is the largest in the world after Rome's and is the highlight on any trip to Nimes. In September the arena hosts bull fights. It was built in 100 AD and seated 24,000 spectators during its prime. Today, it seats only about 10,000 when full.

Maison Carré: Nimes is also home to an astonishingly well preserved Roman temple. This place alone is reason enough to visit Nimes. Currently the temple hosts 3D films of all of Nimes' heroes.

Jardin de la Fontaine: This is where you'll find a few other important Roman ruins in the city including Diana's temple, dozens of beautiful statues and other monuments. It is free to enter and are open from dawn until dusk which is about 10pm in the summertime.

Find more information on Nimes Tourism Board.

Accommodations in Nimes

As Nimes is a relatively small city, there isn't loads of choice when it comes to accommodation. In summer, it's pretty essential to book your hotels in Nimes before you arrive. If you're renting a car, make sure your hotel also offers complimentary parking.

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