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Lufthansaoutbound: 10-Jul-2022
1 stop (16h55m)
Lufthansareturn: 17-Jul-2022
2 stops (21h15m)
KLMoutbound: 10-Jul-2022
1 stop (33h15m)
KLMreturn: 17-Jul-2022
1 stop (21h25m)
Air Franceoutbound: 10-Jul-2022
2 stops (27h)
Air France
KLMreturn: 17-Jul-2022
1 stop (21h25m)
Emiratesoutbound: 05-Sep-2022
1 stop (27h20m)
Emiratesreturn: 19-Sep-2022
1 stop (11h50m)
KLMoutbound: 05-Sep-2022
1 stop (13h55m)
Etihad Airwaysreturn: 19-Sep-2022
2 stops (24h)
Etihad Airways
Air Franceoutbound: 05-Sep-2022
2 stops (14h05m)
Air France
Etihad Airwaysreturn: 19-Sep-2022
2 stops (13h50m)
Etihad Airways

Mini guide: Cheap flights to Oman, tourism and travel info

Flights to Oman: practical information

Cheap airlines to Oman

Oman, the Sultanate, is a pretty royal place to spend your holidays! Start your trip planning with cheap flights to Oman's main airport, Muscat International Airport (MCT) which is serviced by dozens of airlines including Oman Air, British Airways, Emirates, Gulf Air, among others.

When to book flights to Oman

Oman is essentially a tropical desert with amazing weather year-round but it does tend to get on the hot side in the summertime. Plan your holidays in Oman at least 5 monnths in advance if you want to snag the cheapest Oman flights.

  • Peak season: Spring and autumn.
  • Low season: Summer (avg. 38°C).

Flight duration

Direct flights to Oman take around 9 hours from London.

Experience Oman: what to see, what to do

Oman is famous for its historic forts, which one in every shape, size and colour. They're striking against the country's varied landscapes. From rugged mountains to ginormous desert dunes and incredible beaches… where to begin?

Essentials in Oman

Top forts: Oman has over 500 forts but if you want to visit more than a few in one place, sticky oMuscat, the capital. Bahla Fort is one of the most famous, an UNESCO site that dates back to the 13th century.

The Dunes: Oman's sand dunes are huge and seemingly roll out into the distance. Take your Oman car hire to Wahiba Sands to see this golden landscape with your own two eyes.

Beaches: The country has hundreds and hundreds of miles of uninhabited coastline and the real attraction for holidays in Oman are certainly the beaches. Some are major breeding grounds for sea turtles, especially on Masirah Island.

Find more information on Oman Tourism.

Accommodations in Oman

Oman has so much to offer visitors when it comes to hotel accommodation. You'll find everything from rustic huts on the edge of the desert to luxurious beach-side resorts. You'll find the most choice in Muscat and as always, make sure you book your hotels in Oman before arriving.

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