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TAP Air Portugaloutbound: 06-Jun-2022
2 stops (30h05m)
TAP Air Portugal
Norwegian Airreturn: 12-Jun-2022
2 stops (10h40m)
Norwegian Air
KLMoutbound: 11-Nov-2021
1 stop (4h15m)
KLMreturn: 14-Nov-2021
1 stop (5h15m)
Air Franceoutbound: 26-Nov-2021
direct (2h25m)
Air France
Air Francereturn: 29-Nov-2021
direct (2h45m)
Air France
KLMoutbound: 04-Dec-2021
1 stop (11h40m)
Air Francereturn: 11-Dec-2021
direct (2h30m)
Air France
Lufthansaoutbound: 10-Nov-2021
direct (2h)
Lufthansareturn: 15-Nov-2021
direct (2h20m)
Vuelingoutbound: 08-Nov-2021
1 stop (9h10m)
Vuelingreturn: 12-Nov-2021
1 stop (11h)
Vuelingoutbound: 03-Jun-2022
1 stop (12h)
Vuelingreturn: 06-Jun-2022
1 stop (16h30m)
Norwegian Airoutbound: 10-Nov-2021
direct (2h20m)
Norwegian Air
Norwegian Airreturn: 15-Nov-2021
direct (2h25m)
Norwegian Air
Swissoutbound: 04-Apr-2022
direct (2h25m)
Swissreturn: 10-Apr-2022
direct (2h25m)
LOT Polish Airlinesoutbound: 15-Oct-2021
1 stop (7h30m)
LOT Polish Airlines
Ryanairreturn: 17-Oct-2021
2 stops (14h05m)
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Oslo guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Oslo city centre
23 mi
37 mi
53 mi

Flights to Oslo: practical information

Cheap airlines to Oslo

It's easy to find cheap flights to Oslo any time of the year. There are three airports to choose from giving you lots of choice when comparing your Oslo flight deals. Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL) is the largest and welcomes flights from 30 airlines, Sandefjord Airport Torp (TRF) welcomes mostly low cost airlines while Moss Airport Rygge (RYG) is used by domestic charters.

When to book flights to Oslo

Despite being located so far north, Oslo enjoys some fairly mild weather thanks to warm air coming over from the Gulf Stream. Summers are perfectly warm and mild here with long sunny days while winters tend to be chilly, temperatures don't often dip below freezing.

  • Peak season: Early summer and July.
  • Low season: Winter and August, the rainiest month of the year.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Oslo take 2 hours from London.

Experience Oslo: what to see, what to do

There is a lot to see and do in the Norwegian capital. From Royal Palaces, opera houses, to fantastic viking and culture museums, not to mention parks and fjords. When the weather is fine, get an Oslo car hire and explore!

Essentials in Oslo

Munch Museum: Fan of the work of Edward Munch? He's one of Norway's most famous artists. Here you'll find a broad selection of his works, although the most famous ones are on display rather in the National Gallery.

Frogner Park: This is a must for anyone enjoying holidays in Oslo for the first time. The Vigeland Sculpture Park is decorated with hundreds of sculptures from Gustav Vigeland. To further your discovery of this iconic Norwegian artist, stop by the Vigeland Museum.

Oslo's fjords: In summer, island hopping in the Oslo Fjord is ace. Hovedøya, Gressholmen or Langøyene are very popular and great spots for swimming and have nice beaches. Ingierstrand as well is cool for its 1930s bathing resort architecture and facilities.

Find more information on Visit Oslo.

Accommodations in Oslo

In peak times, it can be difficult to find cheap hotels in Oslo. In all cases, it is strongly recommended to book your hotels far in advance, especially if you plan to visit in summer. During Nobel Price week hotel room prices are known to double, making Oslo unreachable for any traveller on a budget.

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