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Oujda guide: how to get there, what to see

Oujda city centre
Angads Airport (OUD): 7 mi from city centre
Oujda has delightful restaurants, beautiful landscapes and helpful locals who ensure you won’t get lost in the mazes. Set your sites to a destination like Oujda and let help you find cheap flights to get you there. Start with a selection of some of the best deals around on cheap flights to Marrakech Menara Airport (RAK).
Iberia and Royal Air Maroc are two of the main airlines operating in the area, and on you will be able to find deals for GBP 232.
The weather is splendid all year around and your arrival to RAK places you in just a distance from Oujda. Public transportation by bus and tax is on hand although you may want cheap hotels and car rental from to take advantage of the best prices and to complete your itinerary beforehand.

If you are one who will be a foreigner that is visiting the city of Oujda, take the time to learn where the banks are and money conversion rates. Familiarize yourself with the survival language basics and know the rules of tipping as well as public etiquette.
Cheap flights can provide you the savings to enjoy the services of a guided tour, hiking through the Moroccan hills, shopping the open markets, dining and of course to sample the nightlife at its finest. The main language is Arabic but many Moroccans will speak French in conversation. is your one stop source for cheap flights from searching through hundreds of sites to give you the best prices available. When you want to make this pleasure destination your next vacation, let us help.

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