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American Airlinesoutbound: 04-Jan-2025
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United Airlinesoutbound: 06-Jul-2024
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United Airlinesreturn: 20-Jul-2024
2 stops (26h)
United Airlines
Virgin Atlanticoutbound: 06-Jul-2024
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Virgin Atlantic
Air Tahiti Nuireturn: 20-Jul-2024
1 stop (23h16m)
Air Tahiti Nui
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Papeete guide: how to get there, what to see

Papeete city centre
Tahiti Faa'a International Airport (PPT): 3 mi from city centre
The name Papeete means “water in a basket” but there is nothing watered down about Papeete, in Tahiti. This small city has just over 130,000 inhabitants and is the administrative capital of the country. Some enjoy arriving at Papeete on a cruise ship to Papeete Harbour but the quickest way is by cheap flights to Faa’a International Airport (PPT).

The airport is approximately 3 miles away from the centre of Papeete. Boulevard Pomare provides access to the city from the airport. This primary road is 3 lanes and stretches out to become a four lane highway. The local transportation provided from the airport is also available around the entire city. Le Truck provides access to many areas but does not run all through the night.
Air France and Air New Zealand offer you flights from London at good prices. Just run a search, filter the options and you will easily get the most convenient offer.

You can find cheap hotels and car rental along with cheap flights using Our search engine goes to hundred of sites to find great deals and low prices on inexpensive flights all around Papeete. Take Le Truck along the coastal line and visit Tautira village.
Cheap flights to Papeete give you extra pocket money for pleasure excursions like the Natura Exploration 4WD Tours and visits to the Municipal Market. Although Papeete is small, the shops are abundant and purchasing opportunities range from pearls, watches, souvenirs and beyond.

You can enjoy the nightlife and the pace of a small but bustling city when you visit Papeete on a holiday or as a vacation destination.

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