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Pescara: Abruzzo's seaside resort city

Pescara city centre
Abruzzo Airport (PSR): 3 mi from city centre

Flights to Pescara: practical information

Cheap airlines to Pescara

Italy is calling and Abruzzo is one of the best regions to spend a holiday at the beach. Start your trip planning with cheap flights to Pescara, located right on the sea. Flights to Pescara land at Pescara Airport (PSR). From London take off onboard Alitalia and Ryanair.

When to book flights to Pescara

Summer is hot season for the Italian seaside, especially August. It's a must to book your flights at least three months in advance if you're after a good flight fare. The shoulder seasons are still warm and are heaps cheaper.

  • Peak season: Summer, August especially.
  • Low season: Winter is generally slow for tourism.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Pescara take 2 hours 30 minutes from London.

Experience Pescara: what to see, what to do

Pescara is a busy city and has the reputation for being the party city on the Abruzzo coast, perfect if you're looking for late nights and slamming clubs. By day though the beaches are stunning and the city's old town port is a delight.

Essentials in Pescara

Beaches: Pescara is surrounded by great beaches which are catered to by plenty of pizzerias and hotels. Remember that a red flag means no swimming but a while one means the Adriatic Sea is yours to enjoy.

Nightlife: If you're looking for a great club or disco in Pescara just head to the coast. Walk up the boardwalk and you'll run into a dozen or so bars crowded with people. Many have theme nights like foam parties!

Day trips: Pescara is a great base but there's plenty more to see in Abruzzo. With a car hire you can visit the surrounding towns with open markets and local festivals. The nearby mountains are a great place to go for hiking.

Find more information on Abruzzo Tourism.

Accommodation in Pescara

Hotels in Pescara mostly come in the form of beach hotels and resorts. There are plenty of villas to rent, mostly self-catering and B&Bs. During the summer it's essential to book your hotel in Pescara in advance and if you're not one for the party scene, best to find one away from the nightclubs.

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