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Philadelphia: the birthplace of America

Distance from Philadelphia city centre
7 mi
12 mi

Flights to Philadelphia: practical information

Cheap airlines to Philadelphia

Philly-bound? Take-off on flights to Philadelphia onboard Air Canada, United Airlines, British Airways and US Airways. Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is the largest airport in the region and welcomes flights from all over the world. Alternatively, Newark plus a direct Amtrak can get you to Philly for cheap.

When to book flights to Philadelphia

Winters in Philly are cold and quite snowy which is why it's no surprise that the warmer months are the most popular time to plan holidays in Philadelphia. It's best to book flights to Philadelphia at least six months in advance for the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: Spring and fall, summers tend to be very hot and humid.
  • Low season: Winters and summer.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Philadelphia take 7 hours 50 minutes from London.

Experience Philadelphia: what to see, what to do

Philly is the birthplace of America. The country's modern democracy was born here and there is enough to satisfy all the history buffs. From free public art to parks and museums, get ready to explore Philadelphia!

Essentials in Philadelphia

Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site: Edgar Allan Poe is one of of Philadelphia's most famous former residents. You can visit his former home, now a museum, and see some of his personal effects on display.

Public Art: You don't need to pay a penny to see famous and great art here. Check out LOVE by Robert Indiana, The Clothespin by Claes Oldenburg plus the giant board game pieces in the park across from City Hall.

Fairmont Park: If the weather is fine, head to any one of Philadelphia's city parks. West Fairmont Park is a treat with the Japanese Tea House, Mann Music Centre and Please Touch Museum for kids.

Find more information on Visit Philly.

Accommodations in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a little short on the budget hotel side of things with only two hostels. Mid-range hotels in Philadelphia are widely available but beware of conventions in town which tend to put the prices up.

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