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Kuwait Airwaysoutbound: 22-Nov-2022
1 stop (10h20m)
Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Airwaysreturn: 30-Nov-2022
1 stop (10h50m)
Kuwait Airways
KLMoutbound: 22-Nov-2022
2 stops (11h05m)
KLMreturn: 30-Nov-2022
1 stop (21h35m)
Pegasus Airlinesoutbound: 15-Nov-2022
1 stop (11h10m)
Pegasus Airlines
Pegasus Airlinesreturn: 27-Nov-2022
1 stop (10h10m)
Pegasus Airlines
Qatar Airwaysoutbound: 15-Nov-2022
direct (6h45m)
Qatar Airways
Qatar Airwaysreturn: 27-Nov-2022
direct (7h30m)
Qatar Airways

Mini guide: Cheap flights to Qatar, tourism and travel info

Flights to Qatar: practical information

Cheap airlines to Qatar

Qatar is an oasis in the Persian Gulf. Start your search with cheap flights to Qatar's main airport, Doha International Airport (DOH). From the UK, catch the cheapest flights to Qatar onboard Qatar Airways, KLM, Emirates and British Airways.

When to book flights to Qatar

Qatar, with Saudi Arabia to the north and also surrounded by Bahrain and the Emirates can get pretty hot in the summers. For westerners the heat can be unbearable so spring and fall are the best times to book your holidays in Qatar. Always book flights to Qatar 6 months in advance for the best prices.

  • Peak season: Spring and fall with average temperatures of 28°C.
  • Low season: Winter and summer.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Qatar take around 7 hours from London.

Experience Qatar: what to see, what to do

Qatar has so much to offer from unique architecture in Doha, amazing souqs for shopping, sand dunes as big as mountains and ancient ruins from eras long gone.

Essentials in Qatar

Doha: Doha is the capital and the best place to touch down. The Museum of Islamic Art is a must for its collection and architecture. Don't miss the Souq Waqif, the traditional old marketplace where you can buy all your souvenirs.

Khor Al Udeid: Take your Qatar car hire to the norther part of the country and get a load of these sand dunes! With a 4x4 you can rev up and down the dunes… it's a crazy ride!

Zubarah: For history, this is the best place to go. There are ruins of a deserted city here plus a fort built in the 1930s by a sheikh. Makes a good road trip from Doha.

Find more information on Qatar Tourism Authority.

Accommodations in Qatar

Hotel prices are continuously rising in Qatar so expect to pay as much here as in neighbouring countries. In Doha it's difficult to find "budget" accommodation, particularly in Doha so book your hotels in Qatar well in advance for the cheapest rates.

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