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Rabat guide: how to get there, what to see

Rabat city centre
Rabat–Salé Airport (RBA): 6 mi from city centre
Rabat is the coastal capital of Morocco and has more than a million residents. For many, it is a great choice as a vacation destination which you can reach with cheap flights, and it is a treasure that you too can enjoy. The main airport to arrive to the city is Rabat International (RBA). This airport is just 6 miles away from the city centre.
Find and compare best airline ticket options through airlines such as Air France or KLM, even though you surely will not want to miss the opportunity to fly with a low cost company such as Air Arabia. Find on cheap flights from GBP 112.

You can find on cheap flights to Rabat for your pleasure or business needs. There are many facilities in the airport, which include banks, ATM machines, phone and fax service, tobacconist, duty-free shop, smoking lounge, prayer facility (outside the terminal building) and telephones. Both taxi and private car provide access to and from the airport into the city centre.

Before you make the trek to Rabat, brush up on your French and prepare to be delighted with the culture and history and Morocco’s capital. If you are considering a winter getaway, between October and March is when Rabat gets the majority of its rain so take your umbrella.
Get a cheap flight to go to Rabat whenever you like but be advised that there are millions of tourists to touch down to the popular areas of Fes, Casabalanca, Marrakech, and Rabat during summer months and at Christmas and New Years holiday times.

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