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Rennes: the capital of Brittany

Distance from Rennes city centre
4 mi
38 mi

Flights to Rennes: practical information

Cheap airlines to Rennes

Rennes may not be one the usual tourist circuit of France but it's well worth a visit! Looking for cheap flights to Rennes Airport (RNS)? Touch down on flights from Flybe, Aerlingus, Air France, Vueling and Virgin Atlantic. Flybe offers the cheapest flights to Rennes and departs from Birmingham, Southampton, Belfast and Exeter.

When to book flights to Rennes

Rennes is a perfect place to explore during the warm summer months. Most of the locals escape for the coast in August so the city tends to be quieter at this time. In July the city hosts the Festival des Tombées de la Nuit when the whole city comes alive with entertainment and markets. Always book your flights to Rennes a few months in advance, preferably 3-4.

  • Peak season: July, especially during the city festival.
  • Low season: To some extent August and winter.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Rennes take just over 1 hour.

Experience Rennes: what to see, what to do

Rennes is vibrant and young, with a very large student population. Rue Saint Michel is a great spot for nightlife, Thabor is a beautiful park that is perfect for summery afternoons and and the Avvey of Mont Saint-Michel is your ticket to a history lesson on the city and the region.

Essentials in Rennes

Thabor: This part is a truly impressive collection of plants from Africa, Europe and elsewhere including hundreds of species of roses and rare tropical flowers. It's also home to budgies and other tropical birds.

Mont Saint-Michel: This granite island just north of Rennes is only reachable with a Rennes car hire but makes a great day trip. It's the third most visited monument in France and features a charming abbey. It's really a must while visiting.

Marché des Lices: For a look at local culture while on holidays in Rennes, head to this Saturday Market. It's a great place to try French galettes, crêpes, and some delicacies like snails! Mmm….!

Find more information on Rennes Tourism.

Accommodations in Rennes

Rennes, being such a popular student city, offers plenty of cheap accommodation for backpackers. Other mid-range hotels can be found in Place de la Gare and along Avenue Jean Janvier just north of the city's train station. It's recommended to book your hotels in Rennes far in advance if you plan to visit during July.

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