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Rwanda: the land of a thousand hills

Flights to Rwanda: practical information

Cheap airlines to Rwanda

Rwanda-bound? We don’t blame you, especially if you’re after a unique African adventure! Start planning your trip with cheap flights to Rwanda’s main airport, in Kigali (KGL). Brussels Airlines, KLM and Turkish Airlines are just a few of those offering flights from London.

When to book flights to Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the few African countries that can really be enjoyed year-round, thanks to a moderate mountain climate. The dry season falls between May and October, which is the best time to track mountain gorillas so make sure you've booked a Rwanda car hire.

  • Peak season: July-August, particularly for gorilla tracking.
  • Low season: December to March can see rain and sometimes snow.

Flight duration

Flights to Rwanda take around 15 hours with a stopover from London.

Experience Rwanda: what to see, what to do

From gorilla tracking in the mountains, to birdwatching in the tropical forests of Nyungwe, Rwanda is one of Africa’s most unique destinations. Being land-locked hasn't stopped Rwanda from attracting visitors from around the world to discover its mountainous and varied landscapes. It’s no wonder they call it the “land of a thousand hills.”

Essentials in Rwanda

Kigali: The capital city is a must and there are a few important stops for understanding Rwanda’s troubled history. The Genocide Memorial Centre is a must and is free to visit. While you’re in Kigali, stop by the Presidential Palace Museum and catch a show at the Rwanda Ballet.

Mountain gorillas: If you’re after the gorillas, then you’ll need to head to Volcanoes National Park with its impressive volcanic terrain and rain forests. Treks are usually one day and start at dawn but gorilla sightings are usually guaranteed.

Nyungwe Rainforest: This area in western Rwanda is probably one of the best preserved rain forests in Africa and a much if you’re in the country. Wildlife includes leopards, duikers, thousands of species of birds and exotic and rare plants.

Find more information on Rwanda Tourism.

Accommodation in Rwanda

Hotels and accommodation in Rwanda tend to be quite basic and you can find basic hotel rooms for as little as £20 a night. Movie buffs might like to stay at the “Hotel des Milles Collines” which was featured in the film, Hotel Rwanda.

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