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KLMreturn: 23-May-2022
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Air Europa
Air Europareturn: 01-Jul-2022
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Air Europaoutbound: 16-Dec-2021
2 stops (43h50m)
Air Europa
Air Europareturn: 05-Jan-2022
2 stops (51h15m)
Air Europa
Air Franceoutbound: 16-Dec-2021
1 stop (19h25m)
Air France
KLMreturn: 05-Jan-2022
1 stop (26h15m)
Singapore Airlinesoutbound: 03-Jan-2022
1 stop (26h)
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlinesreturn: 31-Jan-2022
1 stop (30h30m)
Singapore Airlines
TAP Air Portugaloutbound: 01-Feb-2022
2 stops (21h15m)
TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: 31-Mar-2022
2 stops (25h)
TAP Air Portugal
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Santiago: Chile's heart and soul

Distance from Santiago city centre
5 mi
10 mi

Flights to Santiago: practical information

Cheap airlines to Santiago

Chile is calling! Start planning your holiday in Santiago with cheap flights to Santiago Airport (SCL) onboard Air Canada, KLM, Delta Air Lines and a dozen other airlines, all with stopovers along the way.

When to book flights to Santiago

It’s a long-haul trip to get from London all the way down to Santiago, the capital of Chile so book your tickets 6-8 months in advance. The weather in Santiago is pretty Mediterranean with mild winters and warm, dry summers. The best time to visit is undoubtedly the spring/summer season.

  • Peak season: Spring/summer.
  • Low season: Winter, mostly due to poor air quality.

Flight duration

Flights to Santiago take around 17 hours with stopovers from London.

Experience Santiago: what to see, what to do

Santiago is the heart and soul of Chile and the perfect city to start your trip. Theatres, restaurants, bar, museums and more await. From Santiago the whole of the country is within close reach, even the Andes just one hour’s drive from town.

Essentials in Santiago

Parque Metropolitano: This huge green space in the centre of the city offers some spectacular views over the city. Take the funicular to the top and on a clear day you can see the Andes! The park is also home to the a botanical garden, zoo and even a few swimming pools.

La Chascona: This is one of the the three homes of Pablo Neruda, Chile’s most famous poet. The house is in the trendy artistic Bellavista neighbourhood and is filled with lots of personal items from the poet and his friends.

Trekking: The Andes sit just outside the city and are easily reached with a Santiago car hire. Cerro Provincia is a great spot for day trips.

Find more information on Chile Tourism Board.

Accommodation in Santiago

There’s no shortage of hotels in Santiago. You’ll find something in every price range from youth hostels to luxury digs in the city centre, particularly along Ave. Presidente Kennedy.

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