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Emiratesoutbound: 06-Aug-2021
1 stop (18h40m)
Emiratesreturn: 09-Aug-2021
1 stop (20h25m)
Lufthansaoutbound: 15-Nov-2021
direct (10h20m)
Lufthansareturn: 22-Nov-2021
direct (11h40m)
Air Franceoutbound: 04-Oct-2021
1 stop (15h45m)
Air France
KLMreturn: 10-Oct-2021
1 stop (28h10m)
KLMoutbound: 11-Oct-2021
1 stop (15h45m)
KLMreturn: 22-Oct-2021
1 stop (14h)
Air Canadaoutbound: 25-Aug-2021
1 stop (15h55m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: 16-Sep-2021
1 stop (15h52m)
Air Canada
Singapore Airlinesoutbound: 22-Nov-2021
1 stop (21h05m)
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlinesreturn: 05-Dec-2021
1 stop (28h15m)
Singapore Airlines
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Distance from Seoul city centre
10 mi
31 mi

Flights to Seoul: practical information

Cheap airlines to Seoul

Is South Korea calling? Start planning your holiday in Seoul with cheap flights to Incheon Airport (ICN), the most common entry point for travellers from the UK. Take off onboard Finnair, KLM, Air France, Aeroflot, Emirates, among others from London and Edinburgh.

When to book flights to Seoul

If you're after the cheapest flights to Seoul, it's a good idea to book your trip at least 6 months in a advance. November to April is the best time of the year to visit, with pleasant continental weather. The summers can be unbearably humid in Seoul with the monsoon in June and July.

  • Peak season: Fall and spring are the best times to visit Seoul.
  • Low season: Summer, June-July in particular.

Flight duration

Flights to Seoul take around 13 hours from London with stopovers.

Experience Seoul: what to see, what to do

Seoul is one of Asia's most exciting cities, steeped in cutting edge culture, digital technology, historic monuments and arguably the best street food around. Popular Korean culture has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of letting up!

Essentials in Seoul

Gyeongbok-gung: This is Seoul's grandest palace from the Joseon Dynasty and was the country's seat of power until it was ransacked by Japanese invaders in 1592. Today the palace has been restored and is a must-visit for any first-timer in Seoul.

Hiking: City break? Sure but Seoul has some amazing hiking too with the mountains right outside the city. Hire a car in Seoul or take the train to Mount Bukhan. This is the most popular place for hiking so can get crowded on weekends. Mount Gwanak and Mount Inwang are also good.

Everland: Ready for an adventure into pop culture? Welcome to Seoul's version of Disneyland! There are tons of rides and even a zoo with the world's only tiger-lion hybrid.

Find more information on Visit Korea.

Accommodation in Seoul

Backpackers looking for cheap and clean accommodation will no doubt find something in Jongno, Hongdae or Sinchon, the city's unofficial backpacker's districts. Seoul's 4+ star hotels are more expensive than you're probably used to but are nothing short of impressive. Booking your hotel in Seoul in advance is absolutely necessary.

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