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Shannon guide: how to get there, what to see

Shannon city centre
Shannon Airport (SNN): 2 mi from city centre

Flights to Shannon: practical information

Cheap airlines to Shannon

County Clare, here we come! Planning a holiday in Shannon? Start your trip planning with flights to Shannon Airport (SNN), the second larges airport in Ireland. Find flights to Shannon on board Aer Linugs, Belavia, Ryanair and others from the UK.

When to book flights to Shannon

Summers in Shannon are totally lush. If you're planning a trip to Shannon when the weather is at its best, book your flights at least three or four months in advance to get the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: Summer, when days are mostly sunny.
  • Low season: Winter, when days are dark and cold.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Shannon take 1 hour 30 minutes from London.

Experience Shannon: what to see, what to do

County Claire is a destination all on its own. Shannon is a great jumping off point if you have a Shannon car hire to places like the Cliffs of Moher, nearby Limerick and the Atlantic Coast.

Essentials in Shannon

Cliffs of Moher: This is one of Ireland's most famous landscapes, towering over the Atlantic Ocean just a short drive from Shannon. Pack a lunch and spend the entire day hiking along the cliffs.

Bunratty Castle: For history, don't miss the Bunratty Castle that was built by the Normans. The surrounding Folk Park is also worth visiting. If you're around in the evening, how about attending a traditional Medieval banquet?

Irish music: There is one thing that's for sure, the locals in Shannon love their music! Find yourself some live and local tunes in just about any pub in the evenings. Order a pint of something brewed nearby and sit back and enjoy!

Find more information on Shannon Tourism.

Accommodations in Shannon

Finding a pleasant spot in Shannon to tuck in at night isn't difficult. The city has a number of cheap hotels and further into the countryside you'll find a number of charming bed & breakfasts. For the best rates, book your hotels in Shannon as early as possible.

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