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Air France
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Air France
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Air Mauritius
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Air Mauritius
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Air Mauritius
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St Denis guide: how to get there, what to see

St Denis city centre
Roland Garros Airport (RUN): 4 mi from city centre
Saint Denis de la Reunion; a quiet getaway that leaves nothing to be desired…except a return visit!
The view from above is nothing short of spectacular. Cheap flights to Saint Denis de la Reunion, are made possible by travel to the closest airport which is Roland Garros Airport (RUN), which was previously Gillot Airport. It is located just 4 miles east of Saint Denis. The main airplane companies bringing you there from the UK are Air France and Air Mauritius.
There is shuttle service to the centre of Saint Denis in about 20 minutes. The main city bus station makes connections possible to the entire island. The airport offers several bars, restaurants and shops to purchase fruits, flowers, local products, watches, sunglasses, perfume, alcohol and tobacco all with duty-free purchasing. helps you to arrange cheap hotels, cheap flights and car rental by returning the best choices from hundreds of sites with air flight deals. Make a day the local attractions or head to the mainland and venture as far as you wish.

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