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St Petersburg guide: how to get there, what to see

St Petersburg city centre
Pulkovo Airport (LED): 10 mi from city centre

Flights to St. Petersburg: practical information

Cheap airlines to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a must for visitors in Russia. Start your trip planning with cheap flights to St. Petersburg touching down at Pulkovo Airport (LED). The airline welcomes flights from around the world. From London, fly with Lufthansa, SWISS, SAS or Russia's national airline, Aeroflot.

When to book flights to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg most popular in summer and the most exciting time to spend your holidays in St. Petersburg when the days are longer than the nights. June is peak tourist season during the city's famous White Nights and also the most expensive. Book your flights to St. Petersburg 4-5 months in advance for the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: June especially but also summer.
  • Low season: Winters.

Flight duration

Direct flights to St. Petersburg take 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Experience St. Petersburg: what to see, what to do

From the Hermitage Museum in the Winter Palace to the UNESCO protected canals and canal-front buildings. The Peters and Paul Fortress and the beautiful Vasilievsky Island, there is so much to discover in St. Petersburg, are you ready?

Essentials in St. Petersburg

Hermitage: The Hermitage Museum is the main attraction in St. Petersburg and is a world-class collection of some of the greatest paintings from art history from Rembradts to Leonardos and Rubens. Admission is free on the first Thursday of every month.

Peter and Paul Fortress: The church in this fortress is where you'll find all of Russia's Czars buried including Peter the Great. The church is noteworthy as well as the exhibitions.

Opera and Ballet: St. Petersburg is famous for both its opera and ballet. The most famous theatre is without a doubt the Mariinsky and tickets can be bought either online or at ticket kiosks around town. Try other theatres as well like the Mikhailovskiy Theatre and the St. Petersburg Opera.

Find more information on Visit Russia.

Accommodations in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a huge city and caters well to foreign tourists. You'll find plenty in the budget range as well as great options in the mid-range. If you don't find St. Petersburg hotel room in the city centre, at least choose one that is within walking distance of the metro.

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