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Strasbourg: simply magnificent

Strasbourg city centre
Strasbourg Airport (SXB): 6 mi from city centre

Flights to Strasbourg: practical information

Cheap airlines to Strasbourg

Heading to Strasbourg? This historic city in the Alsace region is a stunner. Start your trip off on the right foot with cheap flights to Strasbourg International Airport (SXB) onboard Air France, Brussels Airlines, KLM and Hop! As for low cost airlines, both Ryanair and Vueling have cheap flights to Strasbourg.

When to book flights to Strasbourg

Strasbourg is best visited during summer when the weather is warm and sunny. The shoulder seasons, spring and fall, offer less tourist traffic and better hotel and flight offers, a great alternative to summer! Book your holidays in Strasbourg at least three months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, June through to September.
  • Low season: Winter, except Christmas and New Year's.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Strasbourg take 1 hours 25 minutes from London.

Experience Strasbourg: what to see, what to do

Strasbourg's city centre was the first to become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pedestrian-friendly streets and beautifully preserved buildings are the main draws for tourists from around the world. In winter the Christmas market is one of the best in Europe.

Essentials in Strasbourg

Grand Île: This is where you'll find the majority of Strasbourg's attractions like the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Astometric Clock and the Maison Kammerzell. The Operat house and the Palais des Rohan are also not to be missed.

Petite France: These are the prettiest streets in the city, just south of Grande Île. The area features half-timbered houses and narrow cobble-stoned streets. If you're looking for photogenic Strasbourg, you'll find it here.

Christmas Markets: In winter the annual Christmas markets in Strasbourg area definite draw. Several of them take place across the city but the most famous are in Place Broglie and Place de la Cathedrale.

Find more information on Strasbourg Tourism.

Accommodations in Strasbourg

There are plenty of hotels in Strasbourg but you'll find most of them are located in and around the central train station. Most international hotel brands are well represented and usually play host to large tour groups on weekends. During the Christmas season it's nearly impossible to find a hotel in Strasbourg at the last minute so book ahead!

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