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Syria: a hidden cultural and ancient gem

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On your way to Syria? Despite severe civil unrest, Syria is a country with plenty to offer. Travellers are strongly recommended to check current travel warnings before planning a holiday in Syria. Catch cheap flights to Syria landing at one of the country’s three international airports: Damascus International (DAM), Aleppo International (ALP) and Lattakia (LTK).

When to book flights to Syria

Syria shares borders with Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, among others and experiences very hot summers. The best time to visit is during spring when the weather is mild and days aren’t too hot. Book your flights to Syria at least six months in advance for the cheapest flight fares.

  • Peak season: Spring and fall for warm days and cool nights.
  • Low season: Summer, due to excessive heat.

Flight duration

Flights to Syria take 3 hours from London with stopovers.

Experience Syria: what to see, what to do

Syria, like its neighbouring countries, has centuries of history for visitors to discover. Damascus, one of the world’s oldest cities, to Aleppo and Hama’s waterwheels to the ancient city of Homs on the Orontes River.

Essentials in Syria

Damascus: Damascus is credited as being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. The whole place feels very ancient thanks to its narrow alleyways and courtyards. Take your time and start in the souk.

Palmyra: The name in Roman means date palms, making reference to the million date palms next to these ancient ruins. This is the most popular tourist attraction in the country.

Deir-az-Zur: On the banks of the Euphrates River, this desert town is a popular choice if you are on your way to visiting Palmyra. The town boasts a small souk but an impressive suspension bridge spanning the river.

Find more information on Visit Syria.

Accommodation in Syria

Wondering what kind of hotels are available in Syria? You’ll find that prices aren’t too steep but are significantly more expensive in Damascus. Double rooms can cost as much as £150 a night.

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