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Toulon: welcome to the Riviera

Toulon city centre
Hyères Le Palyvestre Airport (TLN): 11 mi from city centre

Flights to Toulon: practical information

Cheap airlines to Toulon

France-bound? Search for cheap flights to Toulon if it's a trip to the Riviera you're after. Toulon-Hyères Airport (TLN) welcomes flights from all over France as well as Europe. From London, the cheapest flights to Toulon are with Ryanair but British Airways, CityJet and Air France also offer direct flights, perfect and convenient for your holiday in Toulon.

When to book flights to Toulon

Toulon enjoys the typical French Riviera climate with hot summers, rainy falls and cool but dry winters. The most popular, and expensive, time to book flights to Toulon is summer so best to do it 3-4 months in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, from June to September.
  • Low season: Fall into winter when it's the most rainy.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Toulon take just over 2 hours from London.

Experience Toulon: what to see, what to do

Toulon has a host of things to discover from its Middle-Age city centre, golden beaches to zoos, gardens and cable cars. This town will no doubt charm and is the perfect alternative if you've already been to Marseille, Nice and Cannes.

Essentials in Toulon

Old Town: Toulon's historic centre was built in the Middle Ages and is right next to the harbour. For shopping, head to Lafayette and Algiers streets and when the sun is setting, a walk down the promenade is the perfect way to end the day.

New Town: Does Toulon remind you of the capital? It's no wonder, this city was built by Baron Haussmann, the same who designed Paris' iconic XIXth century buildings. Freedom Square is the main plaza, a great place to meet.

Beaches: Being right on the seaside has its definite draws. Toulon's beaches are located just to the south of the Mourillon Quarter but can get crowded in summer. For the best beaches, better to get a Toulon car hire and explore further down the coast.

Find more information on Toulon Tourism.

Accommodations in Toulon

Toulon has fewer hotel offerings than its neighbouring cities in the region but hotels here are often cheaper than what you'll find in Nice or the luxurious Cannes. In summer it's essential to book hotels in Toulon in advance.

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