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TAP Air Portugal
TAP Air Portugalreturn: 13-Jun-2021
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Toulouse guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Toulouse city centre
4 mi
51 mi

Flights to Toulouse: practical information

Cheap airlines to Toulouse

From the UK it's easy to reach Toulouse Airport (TLS) with both regular and low cost airlines. British Airways offers 3 daily flights to Toulouse from Heathrow. Low cost airlines going to Toulouse: Flybe, easyJet, and BmiBaby.

When to book flights to Toulouse

Toulouse is a popular city to visit year round. It's close to the sea, offers a host of interesting museums and city-sights, the locals are care-free and come winter, the city is a great jumping-off point for skiers hoping to conquer the best runs in the Pyrenees.

  • Peak season: July and August, New Year's Eve.
  • Low season: October to December and February to April.

Flight duration

Flights to Toulouse take 1h 55min from London. From Edinburgh it takes 4h 30min with one stopover.

Experience Toulouse: what to do, what to see

A delightful location to enjoy dance clubs, speciality shops and the French culture... that's what Toulouse is all about. Untie your hair, let it loose, you're on holidays in Toulouse.

Essentials in Toulouse

Basilique Saint Sernin: Built in the 11th century, is considered the largest Romanesque building in the West. It's huge nave never fails to impress even the locals who pass it day by day. Don't miss the crypt!

Museums: Toulouse's rich culture and heritage don't go unnoticed by the city's museums. There are 14 major museums which cover everything from fine art, antiques, city history, photography to botany. The Abattoirs and the Old Toulouse Museum come recommended.

Canal du Midi: The oldest in Europe, this canal was built during the reign of Louis XIV and links the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. There are three canals in Toulouse, Canal du Midi being the most popular.

Walking tours: Toulouse, thanks to its proximity to the sea and Spain, is very sunny, making it a great walking city. Start at the Grand Rone and head to the Jardin Royal and the Jardin des Plantes.

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Accommodations in Toulouse

Toulouse has a wealth of hotels that come in different shapes and styles to suit the vast variety of travellers that head to Toulouse for holidays. During the summer, it's recommended to book hotels in Toulouse as soon as possible to secure the cheapest room rates.

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