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Tours: in the heart of the Loire

Tours city centre
Tours Val de Loire Airport (TUF): 3 mi from city centre

Flights to Tours: practical information

Cheap airlines to Tours

Time to take a trip to Tours! Pack your back and book your cheap flights to Tours, a beautiful French city on the River Loire. Aeroport Tours Val de Loire (TUF) welcomes flights from all over Europe including the UK. Ryanair takes off from London Stansted while Air France flies from Heathrow.

When to book flights to Tours

Tours is located in one of the most gorgeous settings in France. The Loire Valley is most popular for visitors in summer although autumn promises the bustle of the harvest. Book your flights to Tours at least three months in advance for the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: Summer, into autumn.
  • Low season: Winter is pleasant but not very popular.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Tours take 1 hour 25 minutes.

Experience Tours: what to see, what to do

Tours is famous for its wines and its perfectly spoken local French. If you want to brush up on your français, this is the place! As for sights, there are a few Joan of Arc related places as well as a stunning cathedral.

Essentials in Tours

Wine Tours: At Tours is right in the Loire Valley, get yourself a Tours car hire and explore the countryside wineries. During harvest is a particularly great time to be in the region as it celebrates with many special events and tastings.

Old Town: Tours' historic town centre is a treat, full of old houses in unique Tours style. The cathedral is not to be missed, nor are Les Prébendes small pathways lined with flowers.

River Loire: The Loire runs right through the city of Tours and makes for a great place to cycle along or walk. Tours has its own Velo project where you can hire a bike for the day. Pack a picnic and see how far you get!

Find more information on Tours Tourism.

Accommodation in Tours

Tours is a small city with a number of hotels and guesthouses for visitors. You'll find all the usual international hotel offerings like Ibis and Holiday Inn, Best Western and Quality Hotel in Tours but for something with more character, a traditional guesthouse is the perfect choice.

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