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Trinidad and Tobago: beaches, turtles and coral reefs

Flights to Trinidad and Tobago: practical information

Cheap airlines to Trinidad and Tobago

There’s no place like Trinidad and Tobago! If you’re looking for the perfect beach holiday destination with a good dose of culture and amazing food, look no further. Start planning your trip with cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago’s biggest airport in the Port of Spain, Piarco International Airport (POS). British Airways flies direct from London Gatwick.

When to book flights to Trinidad and Tobago

The weather is glorious most of the year in Trinidad and Tobago. Rainy season arrives in June and lasts till around December, something to keep in mind when booking your holiday in Trinidad and Tobago. Start searching for your flight tickets at least 6 months in advance for the cheapest fares.

  • Peak season: January to May.
  • Low season: June to December.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Trinidad and Tobago take 11 hours from London.

Experience Trinidad and Tobago: what to see, what to do

The two islands of Trinidad and Tobago make up one of the most prosperous countries in the Caribbean. Tourism isn’t even the country’s biggest industry, leaving plenty of unspoilt beaches and mountaintops to explore for the intrepid traveller.

Essentials in Trinidad and Tobago

Beaches: There’s no shortage of beaches to visit on both islands. In Trinidad there top picks are Maracas, Tyrico, Las Cuevas, Mayaro and Quinam. In Tobago, try Pigeon Point, Store Bay, Bucco and Canoe Bay.

Bucco Reef: This natural coral reef off the northern coast of Tobago is really stunning. Take a glass-bottom boat from Pigeon Point or Store Bay to see the reef up close. Some tours even let you get out and swim!

Turtles: Every year around Easter the island’s leatherback sea turtles go to Mathura Beach in Trinidad to lay their eggs. The turtles are endangered so it’s important to be careful when visiting the beach at this time of the year so as not to disturb them.

Find more information on Go Trinidad and Tobago.

Accommodation in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago has plenty of hotels and accommodation options. You’ll find all the usual major hotel choices like the Hyatt, Hilton and Crowne Plaze but smaller guesthouses near the beaches are far more cosy and have much more character. Rates vary depending on the time of year and location.

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