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Uzbekistan: discover the history of the Silk Road

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Planning a trip to central Asia? Uzbekistan may be an unusual choice, but we promise it’s a good one. Start planning your Uzbekistan holiday with cheap flights to Tashkent International Airport (TAS). Uzbekistan Airways is based here and Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Air Astana and others also fly to Uzbekistan from London.

When to book flights to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is mostly desert so the summers are long, hot and dry with rain in the springtime. Winter can see sub-zero temperatures and even snow! The best time of the year to visit is from mid-March to early June. Autumn can also be pleasant.

  • Peak season: Spring into early summer.
  • Low season: Winters and the height of summer.

Flight duration

Flights to Uzbekistan take around 9 hours 30 minutes with as stopover from London.

Experience Uzbekistan: what to see, what to do

Uzbekistan is remarkably beautiful, by bar one of the most stunning in this part of Asia. Ancient fortresses pair perfectly with the country’s incredible cities. Burkhara, the Silk Road Capital, Khiva where Itchan Kala is located and Samarkand where you can see the Registan is just the beginning.

Essentials in Uzbekistan

Bukhara: Hundreds of years ago, Bukhara was the capital of the Silk Road and today it’s historic centre still attracts thousands. The UNESCO WHS neighbourhood is a quaint mix of medieval, Islamic and Central Asian architecture.

Khiva: Khiva is too often overlooked for Bukhara or even Samarkand but it has a very interesting history to tell. The old town Itchan Kala is the most impressive sight in the city, covering 26 hectares. The entry ticket includes access to all the museums and buildings inside.

Samarkand: Another city along the Silk Road, Samarkand is also Uzbekistan’s second largest city. The Registan is the city’s central square, surrounded on three sides by medreses, colleges for Islamic studies. The size of them is incredible.

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Accommodation in Uzbekistan

There are many hotels in Uzbekistan and price very much reflects quality and amenities. Tashkent has the best variety but if you’re exploring in the countryside, yurt camps are usually the only option.

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