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Valencia guide: how to get there, what to see

Valencia city centre
Manises Airport (VLC): 6 mi from city centre

Flights to Valencia: practical information

Cheap airlines to Valencia

Valencia, here we come! You won't be short of choices when it comes to choosing your cheap flights to Valencia Airport (VLC). If you're looking for the cheapest tickets to Valencia, stick with the low cost airlines, both easyJet and Ryanair fly to Valencia from London.

When to book flights to Valencia

Looking for budget flights to Valencia? This coastal city enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers, making it perfect for visiting year-round.

  • Peak season: Summer and during the spring Fallas festival.
  • Low season: October to March, except holidays.

Flight duration

Flights to Valencia from London take 2h 20min.

Experience Valencia: what to see, what to do

Take-off with cheap flights to Valencia and discover this gorgeous coastal city on the banks of the Turia River. It's one of the most popular cities in Spain so why not spend your holidays in Valencia? Once you've done some sightseeing, there's always the chance to hop the beaches with a Valencia rent car.

Essentials in Valencia

Museo Fallero: This museum is home to ninots of the Fallas festivals of years past. They are usually burned on the last day of the festival but each year one is saved which is introduced into the museum's collection.

City of Arts and Sciences: Most of you will recognize this sight by the architecture. This research facility was built in 1999 and designed by Santiago Calatrava and Felix Candela.

Valencia cathedral: Three gates welcome visitors to the lobby, one in Gothic style, one in Baroque style and the last in Romanesque style. Did you know that this cathedral houses the Holy Grail?

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Accommodations in Valencia

Valencia's rising popularity has given it plenty of time to outfit itself for tourists and there are plenty of options for hotels in Valencia while you're here. If you're planning to stay a week, consider renting a holiday apartment with a kitchen. If you're only staying for a short visit, a hotel in the city centre will be perfect.

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