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Icelandairoutbound: 27-Jun-2021
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Icelandairoutbound: 17-Jun-2021
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WestJetoutbound: 17-Jun-2021
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Air Transatoutbound: 01-Oct-2021
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Air Transat
Air Transatreturn: 15-Oct-2021
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Air Transat
Air Franceoutbound: 18-Jun-2021
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Air France
WestJetreturn: 09-Jul-2021
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KLMoutbound: 14-Aug-2021
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Air Francereturn: 28-Aug-2021
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Air France
Air Canadaoutbound: 07-Feb-2022
direct (9h30m)
Air Canada
Air Canadareturn: 13-Feb-2022
direct (9h20m)
Air Canada
Air Franceoutbound: 07-Mar-2022
1 stop (23h30m)
Air France
WestJetreturn: 13-Mar-2022
2 stops (42h20m)
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Vancouver guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Vancouver city centre
3 mi
6 mi

Flights to Vancouver: practical information

Cheap airlines to Vancouver

Vancouver, being the biggest hub on the west coast, is easily accessible from the UK. From London Heathrow fly with Air Canada, British Airways or BMI. Thomas Cook Airlines also flies from Manchester. Vancouver International Airport (YVR) serves as the main arrival point for the whole of western Canada.

When to book flights to Vancouver

Vancouver is an all-season city, thanks to its great parks and city attractions for summer and its proximity to the Canadian Rocky Mountains for winter ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

  • Peak season: July to August for the city festivals. Mid-December to February for skiing and snowboarding in Whistler and Banff.
  • Low season: May/June as well as September/October. The weather is mild during these months, good for whale watching.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Vancouver from London take 9h 45min.

Experience Vancouver: what to do, what to see

Vancouver is a modern metropolis on the cutting edge of architecture and amenities for its citizens in the most expensive city in Canada. At the same time, it treasures its parks and nearby wilderness. There is so much to discover while on holidays in Vancouver.

Essentials in Vancouver

Stanley Park: 1000+ acres large, Stanley Park is an impressive green oasis in the middle of the city. It's known for its old forests and great trails. Inside the park don't miss the Siwash Rock, a 32 million-year-old sea stack just off from Third Beach.

Vancouver Art Gallery: This art space is edgy, on the forefront of exhibiting the best in modern and contemporary art that is exploding out of Canadian artists these days. It's ticket to fame was its collection of Emily Carr paintings, the famous unofficial female member of the Group of Seven.

Granville Island: This island is famous for its marketplace. It's an extravaganza of gourmet fish, cheeses, baked goods and fruits. From here, the nearby seawall is a great place to walk for its views.

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Accommodations in Vancouver

Because of Vancouver's varied and distinct neighbourhoods, you can bet that the hotel scene offers just as much variety and that there are hotels located all around the city. In keeping with the city's chic and luxe vibe, hotels in Vancouver have had to make many innovations to keep up with the trends in Canada's most expensive city.

Vancouver: Granville MarketVancouver: SkylineVancouver: Whistler

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We're smitten with the work of self-taught Vancouver-based photographer, Elizabeth Gadd. Check out these landscapes! Next stop our bucket list: British Columbia.

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Travel Inspiration

How to: experience Vancouver for FREE

Vancouver is one of the most popular cities on the west coast. With the Rocky Mountains nearby, a buzzing music and art scene and a centre for arts (both traditional and modern) in Canada this city is also friendly on the budget.

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