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Varna: Bulgaria's summer capital

Varna city centre
Varna International Airport (VAR): 4 mi from city centre

Flights to Varna: practical information

Cheap airlines to Varna

Varna, Bulgaria's summer capital, is waiting! Are you planning to spend your holidays in Varna? Find cheap flights to Varna Airport (VAR) onboard Bulgaria Air or Thomasfly from London Gatwick. The cheapest flights to Varna however are with Wizz Air from Luton, central Europe's most popular low cost airline.

When to book flights to Varna

Summer is the best time to visit Varna but also the most popular and most expensive. Being a popular seaport and holiday spot, it's essential to book your flights to Varna well in advance.

  • Peak season: Summer, for the beaches.
  • Low season: Winter is generally slow with tourism.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Varna take 3 hours and a half from London.

Experience Varna: what to see, what to do

Varna is Bulgaria's third largest city and has plenty to offer thanks to its location right next to the sea. Aquariums, dolphinariums, sea gardens and more, these are our picks for a perfect holiday in Varna.

Essentials in Varna

Golden Sands Resort: Get yourself a Varna car hire and head to this beach resort just outside the city, you won't regret it! Right on the Black Sea the resort features a spectacular beach that is 3.5km long and 100m wide.

Sea Garden: This is one of the city's oldest parks, built in the 1800s and the best place to enjoy a bike ride, walk or run along the seaside promenade. There's also a zoo and terrarium here plus beach clubs and bars. It's treat, day or night.

Dolphinarium: Varna's Dolphinarium is the only one in the Balkan Peninsula and is one of the city's most popular attractions, especially for families. Catch the 40-minute show and see dolphins sing, dance, play games and perform acrobatics.

Find more information on Varna Info.

Accommodations in Varna

There are plenty of hotels in Varna to choose from, particularly along the beach in the northern part of the city. In summer, room rates jump up quite a bit so book early to find a good rate. Resorts outside the city may offer better deals.

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