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Mini guide: Cheap flights to Vietnam, tourism and travel info

Flights to Vietnam: practical information

Cheap airlines to Vietnam

It's no secret that Vietnam is Asia's Eden. If you're looking for a direct flight to Vietnam from the UK, you'll find that Vietnam Airlines is the only airline to offer direct services between Hanoi and London Gatwick. Qatar Airways, Air France, Malaysia Airlines, China Souther Airways and Emirates all offer flights to Vietnam but most have either one or two stopovers.

When to book flights to Vietnam

If you're looking for the cheapest flights to Vietnam, don't book a direct journey. Flights with stopovers are almost always cheaper. Because of the distance, you'll find that flights to Vietnam are generally expensive and the best chance to bag a deal is to book your Vietnam flights six months in advance.

  • Peak season: European summer is a very popular time to visit Vietnam.
  • Low season: This varies depending on the region.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Vietnam take a little more than 11 hours.

Experience Vietnam: what to see, what to do

It's not just by chance that Vietnam is becoming more and more popular. In 2012, Vietnam was the fastest growing country in popularity among British travellers. It's breathtaking landscapes, pristine bays, sandy beaches, cultural treasures and exotic cuisine are just the beginning. It's the local's hospitality that will really touch you while on holidays in Vietnam.

Essentials in Vietnam

Halong Bay: As the most famous attraction in Vietnam, a trip to Halong Bay should not be missed. It is located around 100 miles east of Hanoi and easily reached with a Vietnam car rental. The bay's islands at dawn as the dew rises are like nothing you've ever seen. Often lumped in as one of the world's natural wonders, Halong Bay, the surrounding natural parks and caves make this a top spot for tourists.

Hanoi: The capital is essential for everyone visiting Vietnam. It's a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western cultures. As for city sights, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is top of the list, followed by the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Hanoi's temples are stunning. We recommend the Temples of Literature, founded in 1070 and the Bach Ma Temple.

Nha Trang: Vietnam is known for its beaches so take your suit and tower and head to Nha Trang, the most popular beach resort town in Vietnam. Head outside the city to beaches like Doc Let, Bai Dai or Bai Doung for cleaner and less crowded beaches.

Find more information on Vietnam Tourism.

Accommodations in Vietnam

Currently Vietnam is developing more and more tourist accommodations but in the mean time you can still find cheap hotels in Vietnam all over the country. You'll find Western-style hotels in the main cities but once you head into the countryside, pensions and private rooms in family-owned houses are more common.

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