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Warsaw guide: how to get there, what to see

Distance from Warsaw city centre
7 mi
20 mi

Flights to Warsaw: practical information

Cheap airlines to Warsaw

Where are you heading? To Warsaw, the capital city of Poland which, if you ask other people who've been there, is experiencing it's own sort of tourism renaissance. Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW) is just 10km from the city centre, making it an easy access point. From London you can fly with low cost airlines (this means HUGE savings) like Wizz Air.

When to book flights to Warsaw

Weather in Warsaw is quite changeable. Summers can be mild or very hot but one season, winter, is always bone-chilling cold, you can count on that. Snow can bring this city to a stand-still while the hot summer days are unbearable. Most of the rain falls between May and August.

  • Peak season: Early summer and late summer.
  • Low season: Winter and spring.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Warsaw take 2 hours 25 minutes from London.

Experience Warsaw: what to see, what to do

Sightseeing in this post-Communist city is limited generally to the city centre which includes seven of the city's districts. For visitors though, you could spend your entire trip just in Śródmieście. The further away you wander from the centre, the less likely you are to find something interesting (there are always surprises though!).

Essentials in Warsaw

Royal Road: The Royal Road originally linked the Royal Castle to the Royal Palace. It's a 10km hike but there are many interesting places along the way, including the Poster Museum!

Museums: If you plan your flights to Warsaw properly, you should visit during the Noc Muzeów, Night of the Museums, when thousands of people show up to spend the night wandering the Warsovian museums in the spring (mid-May), many of which stay open past midnight.

Beer: It's no secret that Polish people love to drink. The Old Town and surrounding areas are filled with cafes, bars and quaint places to set down your glass while on holidays in Warsaw. You can find beer for anywhere between 5 and 15zł. Remember it is strictly prohibited to drink in public.

Find more information on Warsaw Tour.

Accommodations in Warsaw

Warsaw is up and coming but still offers visitors excellent and budget choices when it comes to hotels. For the cheaper options, try something a little further out of the city centre.

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