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Zagreb: Europe's most underrated capital

Zagreb city centre
Franjo Tuđman Airport (ZAG): 6 mi from city centre

Flights to Zagreb: practical information

Cheap airlines to Zagreb

Planning a trip to the Croatian capital? Zagreb is a buzzing city waiting for your arrival! Catch cheap flights to Zagreb International Airport (ZAG) onboard Croatia Airlines or British Airways. For the cheapest flights to Zagreb though, you'll want to stick with low cost airlines. Both easyJet and Wizz Air fly direct from London.

When to book flights to Zagreb

Zagreb is still pretty up and coming on the European capital tourist route but there is just as much to see here as in neighbouring Budapest or Vienna. Summers are warm and busy although spring and fall are cheaper times to visit. Book your flights to Zagreb from London at least three months prior to travel.

  • Peak season: Summer, although most locals will escape the city for the sea.
  • Low season: Winter.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Zagreb take just over 2 hours from London.

Experience Zagreb: what to see, what to do

Zagreb is a vibrant small capital (barely 1 million people live there) but its medieval quart will charm with its cobble-stone streets and tiny shops. The parks are lush, the lakes are cool and the museums are world-class. What else could you ask for while on holidays in Zagreb?

Essentials in Zagreb

Jarun Lake: If you have a Zagreb car hire, head down to the southern part of the city to Jarun Lake, a great place to windsurf, swim and enjoy the summery days. Pack a picnic and in the evening, head to any of the many bars that are lake-side.

Mimara Museum: This is one of the city's largest museums and a must for any art lover. The permanent collecting is made up of 3,700+ pieces including works by Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Bainsborough, Goya, Manet, Degas and many others. It's open daily except Mondays.

Old Town Gate: As you're wandering around Gornji grad, make sure you pass by the Old Town Gate, now a shrine to Virgin Mary. The portrait of Mary there is said to be sacred as it's the only thing that remains from the great fire that nearly destroyed Zagreb in 1731.

Find more information on Zagreb Tourism Board.

Accommodations in Zagreb

Zagreb has a host of accommodations. There are plenty of backpacker's and youth hostels and in the mid-range you'' find mostly independent places that are chic and with plenty of individual character. Why not the city's oldest hotel, Hotel Jagerhorn, built in 1827?

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Zagreb in the Traveller's Magazine

Travel Inspiration

Like a local: Zagreb

Zagreb is one of the most overlooked cities in central-eastern Europe. Tourists with their eyes on the coast speed right by, not even giving this city a second glance. BIG mistake! As the political, economic and cultural capital, there is more than enough to spoil your senses with here… and the coast is only 3 … Continued

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