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Zambia: your ticket to "real Africa"

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Zambia is calling! Start your trip to this African oasis with cheap flights to Zambia's biggest airport, Lusaka International Airport (LUN). KLM, Qatar Airways, South African Airlines and British Airways offer flights from London but BA is the only airline that flies direct.

When to book flights to Zambia

Zambia has three seasons. Dry season is from May to August and is the coolest time of the year and most popular. Hot season is from September to November and can see temperatures above 40 on a daily basis. Rain makes holidays in Zambia from December to April very unpleasant.

  • Peak season: Early dry season, especially May and June.
  • Low season: December to April is extremely rainy.

Flight duration

Direct flights to Zambia take just over 10 hours from London.

Experience Zambia: what to see, what to do

Zambia is one of the best countries to experience an African safari. Add to that the gorgeous Victoria Falls, one of the world's seven wonders and a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site. Zambia offers travellers a glimpse into "real" Africa.

Essentials in Zambia

Lusaka: As the capital of Zambia, you can expect a large helping of culture and commerce. The Soweto Market is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs and for a peek at some local art, try the Henry Tayali Gallery in the city show grounds.

Victoria Falls: The world's largest waterfall is but a drive away with a Zambia car hire. Head to Livingstone and take a walk down to the bottom of the falls for some amazing views. The waterfall is most dramatic during the wet season.

South Luangwa National Park: This is one of the world's best wildlife sanctuaries and by far the best place in Africa to experience a safari. It is one of the few parks that allow night safaris too. Expect to spot lots of zebra, hippos, crocs, leopards and lions.

Find more information on Zambia Tourism.

Accommodations in Zambia

Independent hotels tend to be cheaper than international ones across Zambia's cities. It can be difficult however to find hotels in Zambia outside of tourist areas and big cities. When planning a safari, be sure to book your hotels and camping in advance.

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