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What is a low cost flight? You know its a low cost flight if you find it for an unusually low fare, compared to regular airlines and charter airlines and it is operated by a "no frills" airline, or one that labels itself as low cost. In order to get the lowest fares possible on the market for your airline ticket, these companies say they’ve economized on certain services, but definitely not on security! Low cost airlines don't usually have complimentary inflight meal service but rather offer the option of purchasing a meal or small snacks and beverages after take-off. Basically, all the extras you want you have to pay for. Also note that there is no business class on low cost aircrafts, all the passengers have open seating, so first come first serve. Inflght entertainment is usually limited to an inflight magazine and a catalogue for inflight shopping.

You are probably familiar with Ryanair and easyJet. These two are the leaders of the low cost airline industry in Europe! They offer very intriguing prices for flights departing from London and other UK cities to attractive and numerous destinations like Valencia, Frankfurt, Stockholm, and even Marrakesh!

Do you have a sudden urge to go flamenco dancing in Spain? Aer Lingus is the low cost airline perfect to get you there on a cheap flight to Malaga for less than £55.

To find a low cost flight, just use the search engine liligo.com. Youll find all the flights from low cost airlines in real time. liligo.com doesn’t add any fees to your reservation and shows the price with taxes included listed from the cheapest low cost flight to the most expensive. So you can book on the supplier's site without any surprises.

Here is the easiest way to find the cheapest low-cost flight:

  • Be flexible. After having done your search, you can compare all the available low cost flights for plus or minus 3 days from the day of your departure by clicking on the Flexible Dates tab at the top of the results page. You will have the becst chances of finding the cheapest fares this way.
  • The Combined Low-Cost tab at the top of the results page lets you travel with one low cost airline one way and travel with another on the way home to save as much as possible.
  • Think of reserving your low cost flight in advance. It will be even cheaper. Pay attention however because if you book a low cost flight at the last minute it can sometimes be more expansive than a regular fare flight.

If you want more information on low cost airlines, you will find the information below in the directory.

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