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It’s all part of the take-off routine. You stow your luggage, take a seat, buckle up and the crew go on and on about onboard safety. Some passengers listen, others don’t but we love what these airlines have done to make this part of the trip just a little bit more interesting.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand notoriously has great safety videos. Featuring celebrity cameos and always with good humour. Their latest features Bear Grylls but we think this rugby one is by far one of the funniest and best. Look at that granny!

Thomson Airways

Thomson wins our vote for the cutest airline safety video of all time. Reminds us of those days playing dress up in reception and fighting over who would be the pilot! Kids say the darndest things, especially when its before take-off and they’re dressed as the cabin crew.

Virgin America

Simple yet so effective. Virgin goes for hand-drawn cartoons for their video. We especially love the seatbelt segment with the bull and the matador. And what’s with the nun at the end? In any case, we love it.

Cebu Pacific

This airline’s safety video got Lady Gaga-ized! Cebu Pacific created quite the buzz when they got their cabin crew to rehearse and perform their safety routine while dancing to Lady Gaga. We bet those passengers didn’t know what hit them when it was all over.

Just for laughs…

Hats off to Mad TV for this one! Oh the joys of low cost travel. Does this remind some of you of a recent trip you’ve been on?

Which of these is your favourite? Have another that you love that we haven’t included? Share it with us below!

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