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While booking those cheap flights to Toronto might seem like a dream come true, some of us may be concerned about how well our bodies will hold up on the slopes.

Known for its chilly weather and excellent powder, parts of Canada have famous ski slopes – which, while exciting, can be daunting to some, especially as the excesses of the festive season approach us.

However, according to Steve Halsall, celebrity fitness trainer and fitness entrepreneur, improving your fitness in preparation for winter sports doesn’t have to be too much of an ordeal.

He advises potential snow bunnies to concentrate on core exercises rather than more traditional means.

“If they can do exercises that will replicate what they are going to do on the slopes that is going to be far more beneficial to them then just walking up and down stairs for example,” Mr Halsall said, adding that yoga or pilates could also help.

His comments come as a report by Post Office Travel Insurance revealed that 80 per cent of winter sports holidaymakers drink on their holiday, with nearly a quarter (22 per cent) admitting to drinking heavily.

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