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Just like the rest of the working world needs a holiday from the routine of daily life, the chance to get away from the office or home-business, working mums also need a break. Mamas: pack your bags, it’s time for a break! It’s holiday time!

I’m always looking out for the latest travel buzzwords, quirky terms used for the most logical and often coolest ideas. Last week it was Glamping and this week its Mom-cations.

It’s not news that mums need a break, hello!

The “mom-cation” is not to be confused with “mancation” a term usually used for guys who need to get away from their relationships with their other guy friends in order to spend a weekend playing sports, drinking beer, gambling and not unassumingly chasing after other women.

I think it’s only logical that mothers deserve an equally catchy term for their holidays, don’t you think? Not only do they need a name for it, but they actually need to take it.

Tour groups are taking hold of this recent phenomenon, offering mom’s of all stages to join a weekend tour of other mom’s in need of a vacation for city breaks, jaunts to the beach for a few days or even longer trips around the world or across oceans to explore new continents.

New York City

Mom’s don’t need to join a tour group though, grab a couple of girl friends and plan the trip yourself! Search for cheap flights to New York City and spend a week eating out at some of the world’s coolest bistros and restaurants, enjoying an art museum without a toddler pulling at your skirt and see the city at night, not having to worry about tucking in the kids!

Channel Islands

If you don’t want to go so far away, try a short beach jaunt to the Channel Islands. Head to Herm, the most southerly island for golden sandy beaches or Jersey and rent a summer cottage, relax, and indulge in the best of Gallic culture. Flybe flies to Jersey from Bristol, Birmingham, Exeter, Gatwick, Manchester, Norwich and Southampton.


Why not spend a few days in one of Europe’s most buzzing capitals famous for its night life and its thermal spas? You won’t have trouble finding cheap flights to Budapest is far enough away that you get a “real holiday” but still within Europe. Bring your swimsuit, this city boasts a number of world-class spas, thermal baths and cooling pools which are great in both summer and winter. Tour castles and palaces and eat out in one of the city’s more cultural bars in the Jewish district.

The bottom line is RELAX! Grab some girl friends, your sister or a friend you haven’t seen in a while and rejuvenate for a few days on your own, leaving both kids and hubby behind. It’ll be good for you and them!

Where would you go on a mom-cation? What are your favourite weekend getaway spots?

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