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Today travel is the most accessible it has ever been but believe it or not there are more people than you think who have never ventured outside of the UK or even stepped on an airplane. Whatever size, shape or form your travel fears come in, we have a few tips and tricks.

Popular travel fear #1: It’s dangerous.


If you live in London and think it’s dangerous abroad then you have another thing coming. It’s the most common of all travel fears but the truth is that you’re more likely to get pick-pocketed in Trafalgar Square than many other places in the world. Bad things can happen anywhere in the world so first thing’s first: do your research. The reason many people are afraid of new destinations is because they don’t know what to expect. Look it up, read blogs, Google image search, use Google street view to see your hotel from the outside. Remember too that news reports 99% of the time focus on the negative and just because a tourist was kidnapped in Kenya near the border of Somalia doesn’t mean that you won’t have the most fantastic safari while on holidays in Kenya of your life!

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Popular travel fear #2: What if I lose my passport?


Your passport is without a doubt your lifeline. But it’s not the end of the world by any means if it gets lost of stolen. It will not ruin your entire trip either. You only really need it at the airports, other than that, the rule of thumb is don’t keep it on you. As soon as you get to your accommodation, stash it in the hotel safe. Also, keep photocopies of it in a different place than the original. It’s much easiest to get a replacement if you have a copy of the original. Before you go, jot down the address and location of the nearest consulate so you know, just in case, where you’ll need to go.

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Popular travel fear #3: I can’t speak the language.


If you’re travelling abroad to a country where you know English may not fly so easily, of course it’s a bit nerve-wrecking to think of getting yourself into a situation where you won’t be able to express you needs or ask for help. For one thing, you can get by with English in almost every corner of the world these days, especially in places that are more or less on the tourist path. If you’re still worried, pick up a phrase book a couple of weeks before you take-off and get practising! Learn a few key phrases like “Where is the… (toilet / train station / Eiffel Tower / English pub)?” For getting around, learn “I want a (single / return) ticket, please.” Carry a notepad and pen around because when gestures fail you can always call up your amazing Pictionary skills.

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It’s good to remember that if things go totally awry and turn out to be disastrous, just go to the airport and head home. End of story. But you could find yourself on the adventure of a lifetime…

Were you scared before you took your first big trip? What’s the scariest thing about travelling for you?

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