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It could just be rotten luck or it could seem that it’s always your luggage that seems to get lost somewhere between point A and point B. People are ready to complain as soon as their luggage is lost, creating the impression that it happens all the time. Truth be told, only 1-2% of luggage doesn’t arrive to its final destination where its owner is waiting for it.

Only 1-2%? Is that possible? Of that small percentage, most of these bags are just delayed and not actually lost. The luggage winds up on the wrong trolley and missing their connecting flights, to be reunited with their owners a few hours later.

It’s actually quite rare that luggage is really lost.

There are of course better and worse airlines that have either the reputation for being prudent about baggage handling and well… airlines that should pick up the slack a bit.

The fact is that lost or delayed luggage can mean the difference between a great holiday and a bad one. The only advice out there seems to be:

1) Choose the right airline carrier, one that has both a good reputation for getting luggage where it needs to be and will hand-deliver it once its found. This also includes some work on your part too. Avoid checking in late and put your contact information inside the bag.

2) Be prepared by packing a few necessities in your carry-on luggage (a change of clothes, etc.) or by swapping your clothes and luggage with your travelling companion half and half. That way, if one of your bags is lost, neither of you will be left completely empty-handed.

Curious to know who’s the best and whose the worst?

5 Best US Airlines for Luggage Handling

(# of complaints per 1000 passengers)

5 Worst US Airlines for Luggage Handling

(# of complaints per 1000 passengers)

  • SkyWest Airlines (5.25)
  • Pinnacle Airlines (6.25)
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines (7.63)
  • American Eagle Airlines (7.81)
  • Comair (8.20)

Have you ever had your luggage lost or delayed? What did the airline do about it? Share your travel experiences by leaving a comment!

Of course, if you’ve lost your luggage, here’s what to do!

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