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It’s not always easy to bag a good night’s sleep on the road, especially if you’ve booked yourself on an overnight flight or bus trip. It’s not any easier in a dorm hotel either… especially if you have a snorer in the room. Don’t worry, these tips will get you through.

Catching zzz’s

Travel neck pillow

It’s never easy to get a decent sleep on long flights or endless bus trips. Small seats, not enough legroom, neighbour stealing the armrest… There is hope though! Here is a round-up of ten tips from travellers for sleeping (somewhat decently) on trains, planes and buses. Neck pillows are not overrated here and neither is a little “nighty night” medicine.

Q2 via @goseewrite: Any tips for being able to sleep better in those uncomfortableseats on planes or buses?

@ehalvey: Benadryl and booze may not be the *best* idea, but it works.

@OneDayInACity: I travel with an extra sweatshirt that I can layer on if I get cold or wrap around my neck like a neck pillow.

@giuliaccia: Travel pillow and earplugs usually do the trick for me! Also sitting on window seat helps. Buona notte 🙂

@redhunttravel: For long flights I find not sleeping the night before guarantees a decent sleep on the plane.

@solangefrancois: Noise-cancelling headphones, an inflatable neck-cushion, comfy, warm clothes, a scarf/pashmina that smells of you, and soft music.

@MalloryOnTravel: Window seat can lean against the cabin and not be disturbed by people getting up all the time.

@25travels: I usually order tea, warm soup whilst on a flight. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn’t.

@economycarhire: Probably a bit weird but fluffy socks – always sleep better with warm feet :-p & of course ear plugs to block out any unhappy kids!

@SarahDuff: Blow up pillow, ipod with really good headphones (and a chilled playlist), and melatonin.

@connvoyage: Don’t sleep the night before, spend it partying w/ friends. Get on the plane/train/bus exhausted = dead asleep. Works every time.

Dealing with the “snorer”

It’s the first thing you dread as soon as you book yourself into a dorm to save money while on the road. You pray your room-mates are cool and that you won’t have to deal with… a snorer. Night falls and you tuck in under your sheets and wait for the Sandman to whisk you off to dreamland. Then it starts: the snoring. It’s not the end of the world, these tips might help.

*Note: smother snorers at your own risk!!*

Q3 via @World_Out_There: What’s the best technique for getting someone to stop snoring?

@cowgirrl3: Tell them they’ve got an emergency phone call downstairs & just hope to fall into deep sleep before they do.

@mydestination: Heavy Metal wake up. Nothing like a bit of Rammstein in the ear to chase away those sweet sweet dreams.

@meljbel: Now that is an impossible task, best thing to do is fall asleep before them!

@GapDaemon: If you’re on the top bunk, give the bed a wiggle and they’ll roll over.

@solangefrancois: Get a private dorm!

@adamsommer: Lots of wine!

@kitwhelan: I love my white noise sounds from the Ambience iPhone app!

@wanderplex: I try to book female only dorms since girls tend to snore less than guys. Failing that, earplugs!

@EagerExistence: Don’t know the best technique, but I always use the “throw a shoe” method.

‏@Jordi_P_Hostels: Awkwardly jump into bed with them.

We know you’ve had to deal with snorers and sleeping in unusual places while travelling, tell us about your tips for getting shut eye on planes and buses and dealing with snorers!

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Imgs: Wright Way Photography, K Tao / Flickr cc.

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