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It’s not everyday we talk about travelling by cruise ship on the Traveller’s Blog, not when there are so many cheap flight deals to be had! This week’s Travel Talk on Twitter session however had us taken out to sea, aboard cruise ships, steam boats, sail boats and container ships.

If you’ve never taken a cruise, it’s something every traveller should do at least once, just to say that yes they’ve tried cruising and they either like it or don’t like it. One of the great things about travelling by sea is that cruises come in all shapes and sizes… you might even class a modest sail boat a type of cruise. Travellers on Twitter seemed to be split, about the cost of cruising being unaffordable to backpackers and those who swear by it! Where do you fall?

Let’s cruise… this is good!

Cruise ship pool

If you haven’t been on a cruise holiday before, then let these experiences from other travellers inspire you to what your trip could be like. Embrace the Captain Jack Sparrow in yourself and maybe you will consider spending your next trip crossing bays, stealing seas, rafting down rivers and pirating an ocean. All hands on deck!

Q2 via @christinahegele: What’s the best experience you’ve had on a cruise?

@smartbkktravel: Queen Mary… Slept on balcony one night to fall asleep to sounds of the ocean.

@SaraKateTravel: Being able to have better view of things from the water is always a good experience! I also loved day cruise frm Athens – memorable!

@TravelDesigned: Whale watching in Glacier Bay and watching the glaciers calve has to be my top cruise experience.

@hiptraveler: Getting off the boat; too much open water makes me miss land.

@25travels: What classifies as a cruise anyway? I always relate it to big ships, shuffleboards, and congo lines…

@MagellanPR: Being able to visit several of the Scottish Islands on Hebridean Princess – was amazing. Ultra luxury too.

@Voyageek: Best thing to do during a cruise: Watching Titanic.

Did someone say… Dreamboat?

Okay, so it’s not the dreamboat you were hoping for but there are some pretty creative and interesting answers for question number four during yesterday’s #TTOT session. Would you want any (or all) of these things on your dream boat?

I spy a boat

Q4 via @himalfootsteps: What features would your dream cruise ship have to have?

@TravelThirst: Timing, the longer the better/ Size, the smaller the better/ Destination, the rarest the better.

@ecuadorguide: A skillful captain (hopefully not by the name of Ahab) and not aboard any boat by the name of Titanic.

@2Backpackers: It would have to be environmentally conscious, haven’t found one yet.

@swanny_adel: All my mates, an icebox full of beer, fish tacos & Jacques Cousteau at the Captain’s wheel.

@marksmayo: Everything I’ve imagined – pool, top class chef, and of course being a geek – internet 😉 I’ll expect pampering. 😉

@MalloryOnTravel: High seas, isolated islands, exotic cultures, sails, great & killer whales, reef & wreck diving, MOJITOS.

@IsabellesTravel: Free wifi, so I could share my amazing experience with everyone. 😉

Have you ever been on a cruise? Where did you make port and what was the trip like? Would you do it again?

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation! Next week’s topic: Islands

Imgs: Salicia, gokubi, paleololigo / Flickr cc.

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