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When the travel itch strikes, many of us head straight online to do our researching. Whether it’s to learn more about a new destination, book flights or read up on hotel reviews, using travel websites is just part of the game of trip planning.

It seems all travellers are looking for the same thing in a travel website: quality content, no pop-up ads and real-time prices. At least, that’s what the Travel Talk on Twitter community agreed on during yesterday’s sessions. So, what frustrates travellers about travel websites and what sets the good ones apart from the others?

Q2 via @sidetrackedmag: What’s the most frustrating thing you find on travel websites?

@Sina_86: Conflicting information sometimes really confuses me and overly-pampered travelers who are always down on simple B&Bs.

@hjortur: It makes my really frustrated when I press back in the booking process – and everything disappears. 🙁 #fail

@MyPostcardFrom: Flights for 99p – actually there cost £199 tell me that before I’ve gone through about a dozen pages.

@LandLopers Matt: Too much advertising, slow to load – hate that!

@TravelingEditor: That they have the literacy level of an infant.

@sinefm: I hate it when someone writes a “review’ but it’s obvious that it’s an ad.

@MalloryOnTravel: Slow to load often, too many adverts, text-links, spyware, popups that won’t disappear.

No one likes getting frustrated over misguided prices, which is why shows its offers in real-time. You know that 99p flight? You won’t see that advertised anywhere since it doesn’t exist (not after taxes and fees at least). No pop-ups you don’t ask for either! #doublewin for

Well, that’s enough dissing on how bad some travel websites can be but there are many out there that excell at what they do. Here’s what travellers think are the most important qualities for a good travel website to have, without naming any names. Although, if you have a travel website in mind that fits the bill, don’t be shy to share it in the comments section!

Q4 via @p0psicle: What sets your favourite travel blog apart from all the others?

@AnisIbrahim: Personal stories, not just lists.

@NancyDardarian: Good writing, good pictures, ability to make you feel like you’re there with them.

@DisarmDoors: It’s not written by Adjective Man.

@TravelingEditor: Organic writing, straight from the heart. How can I order soul food when it’s prepared soullessly?

@Drafted_Boy: …and when I’m just reading for fun, a great storyteller. An adventurous soul with a knack for trouble can’t be beat!

@hyperren: Also, a strong presence on Twitter, because honestly that’s how I find out there’s a new post.

@BlkChickOnTour: They’re aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and without Google Ads in between the posts.

How does the Traveller’s Blog add up? What would you like to see more of on our blog… and less of? How about on

Travel Talk on Twitter takes place weekly on Tuesdays at 9:30 GMT and 21:30 GMT. Follow the hashtag #TTOT and join in the conversation! Next week’s topic: World Heritage Sights

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